A quick report of stage 1, as I was on driving duties as commissaire driver and didn’t get much change of taking photos, but help at hand as Sharon Mc Photos by Sharon McFarland will send us some action photos later to be added which I am very grateful for. The whole field was split in many groups and some big time differences already made, and maybe the big hitters are waiting for Monday, when the Queens stage with the Torr Head climb, this to rectify today’s time loss, something who is very much possible on the 10km climb with chicanes of 24% included… Chapeau to the Northern Ireland Cycling Federation with Joan Mark Mccullough and her loyal Ballymena team of volunteers to give this race the standard of top racing in Ireland. few British teams involved, and the best of Irish teams to compete and I bet this is not over ..Unfortunately we had a few crashes, worst one in the last 10 miles and 2 lads where taken to hospital to get checked, and a few walking wounded, no names here as we don’t know how serious the injuries are but hope everything is not to bad. We wish them a speedy recovery. Here the results courtesy of the TOTN time keepers, thanks very much for such service to the project ..well a hot wine now as my cold doesn’t go away and a good sleep after maybe do the trick ..till tomorrow¬†