South Derry, beautiful rolling country side roads, very patient other road users (with a few exceptions) and over 200 cyclists in different cats to compete in the Carn Classic at the outskirts of Maghera, home of the now famous Carn Wheelers and very good friends of the project over the years.

After setting up our promotion gear at the Link Community Centre in the morning (this for the launch of the the Belgian Project site in the afternoon) we went to do a recce of the course, which seemed very demanding with very long drags including the renewed finish (much safer than the old editions of the Classic).

First off the A2s with a handicap to the A1s saw them coming together in the 4th lap and a further split of about ten riders soon after that decided the results (see below).

In the A3 section and separate race the powerhouse juniors just are too good to be stuck in that cat. Adam Ward attacked nearly from the gun and stayed away for the whole race and winning it, while his team mates made sure no one succeeded to chase the Omagh lad…even with local junior Cathir Doyle in the team who would have loved to win this, team performances are more important, he got a impressive second place beating the whole bunch in style.

Cathir Doyle (2nd) celebrates a team 1/2.(Photo courtesy of Foto Zone)

The A race was a fantastic sprint that Donegal’s sprinter Aaron McBride won, just edging over the line in front of Conor Mc Cann (Inspired Cycling)- all result here below. A great thank you to Carn Wheelers for letting me have the platform to launch the website, the catering staff and all the volunteers on the road, not forgetting the ambulance first-aiders and paramedics, the commissaires and the Link Community Center..till the next time ..cheerio.

Jerome and myself distributing promotion leaflets at the Carn Wheelers Classic


1st Paul McArthur (NDCC)
2nd Chris McCann (Phoenix)
3rd John Rafferty (Ards)
4th Michael Toland (Phoenix)
5th Fergal Magee (Apollo)
6th Paul Kirk (NDCC)
7th James Gault (Phoenix)
8th Colin McCloskey (Apollo)
9th Tom Henry (NDCC)
10th Tommy Kerrigan (PSBR)

1st Clodagh Gallagher (AAA)
2nd Jane Wilkinson (Bann Wheelers)
3rd Laura Campbell (Ballymena RC)

A4 Race
1st Chris Tierney (Bann Valley)
2nd Ryan Beech (Ballymena RC)
3rd Cameron McFarland (Caldwell)
4th Andrew McClintock (Foyle)
5th Oliver Collins (Termoneeny)
6th Brian Lowry (Roe Valley)
7th Keith O’Donnell (Finn Wheelers)
8th Sean Maguire (VC Glendale)

A3 Race
1st Adam Ward (Powerhouse)
2nd Cathir Doyle (Powerhouse)
3rd Shay Donley (NRPT)
4th Kevin Cambridge (Cartel Mellowvelo)
5th Brendan Flannagan (Powerhouse)
6th Stewart Thomson
7th Caolem McCarter (DBCC)
8th Ruairi Power (Caldwell)
9th Michael Cox (Unattached)
10th Matt McLaughlin (Phoenix)

A1/A2 Race
1st Aaron McBride (DBCC)
2nd Conor McCann (Inspired)
3rd Christopher Burney (Sports Active)
4th Craig McCauley (Caldwell)
5th Jody Wright (Phoenix)
6th Mark McClure (Caldwell)
7th Andrew Chivers (NDCC)
8th Darragh McCarter (DBCC)
9th Ali Gribbon (Carn)
10th Mark Buchann (Caldwell)