40 odd wins as a pro.. 129 wins in total including a Spanish classic win(With the Bic team of Ocana) and twice Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne ! One of the last gentleman’s of the sport. Suske lives now dedicated to his beloved Kempens Cycling museum in Grobbendonk near Herentals ( A must to visit by appointment only) What a story teller of the old times, with so many anecdotes of his racing career …We spend a few hours with this softly spoken man in 2012, while visiting his Wieler museum, He was one of my dad’s hero’s in the glorious seventies, and after meeting him he is definitely one of mine since. Here a picture we took handing over an National Irish Jersey signed by some Irish ex pro’s including Sean Kelly and Ras winner Stephen Gallagher. Photos below partly of mine and of Suske’s collection. Suske was a exceptional kermesse rider to and even had the better of Eddy Merckx several times. Here a resume of his pro career

1970  Bic (France) 
1971  Bic (France) 
1971  Goldor (Belgium) 
1972  Hertekamp (Belgium) 
1973  IJsboerke – Bertin (Belgium) 
1974  IJsboerke – Colner (Belgium) 
1975  IJsboerke – Colner (Belgium) 
1976  Flandria – Velda (Belgium) 
1977  Zeepcentrale Deinze – Carpenter – Splendor (Belgium) 
1978  Marc Zeepcentrale – Superia – ISC (Belgium) 
1979  Safir – Ludo – St Louis (Belgium)


           A pick of his wins as a pro and his Tour de France debut in 1976.                       

1970    1º in Omloop Het Volk, Trofee Het Volk, (Omloop Het Nieuwsblad voor Beloften & elite z/c), Belgium

1971    1º in Trofeo Luis Puig, Gran Premio de Valencia, (Valencia), Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana), Spain

This cup that Suske won in Spain was lost for nearly 40 years..the story goes that after the race the team had only one car, and the whole team was transferred in this car to the hotel, there was no place for this life size cup anymore. The organisers would send it on..It got lost but eventually arrived in Grobbendonk 40 years later.

1972    1º in Deinze (b), Deinze (Oost-Vlaanderen) Belgium

1972    1º in Humbeek, Humbeek (Brabant) Belgium

1973    1º in Grobbendonk (Antwerpen) Belgium
1973    1º in Kruishoutem (Oost-Vlaanderen) Belgium
1973    1º in Melsele, Melsele (Oost-Vlaanderen) Belgium
1973    1º in Stabroek, Stabroek (Antwerpen) Belgium

1974    1º in Maaslandse Pijl, Kotem-Boorsem (Limburg) Belgium

1974    1º in Stabroek, Stabroek (Antwerpen) Belgium

1974    1º in Omloop van Midden-België ,Lier (Antwerpen) Belgium

1975    1º in Kuurne – Brussel – Kuurne (Kuurne)  Belgium
1975    1º in Grand Prix de Momignies (Hainaut)Belgium

1976    1º in Sleidinge, Sleidinge (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium
  1º in Kuurne – Brussel – Kuurne(West-Vlaanderen) Belgium
1976    118º in Prologue Tour de France, Saint-Jean-de-Monts France
1976    35º in Stage 1 Tour de France, Angers (Pays de la Loire), France
1976    84º in Stage 2 Tour de France, Caen (Basse-Normandie), France
1976    127º in Stage 3 Tour de France, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage  France
1976    80º in Stage 4 Tour de France, Bornem (Antwerpen), Belgium
1976    106º in Stage 5 part b Tour de France, Verviers (Liege), Belgium
1976    116º in Stage 6 Tour de France, Nancy (Lorraine), France
1976    115º in Stage 7 Tour de France, Mulhouse (Alsace), France
1976    93º in Stage 8 Tour de France, Divonne-les-Bains  France
1976    118º in Stage 9 Tour de France, L’Alpe-d’Huez   France

1977    1º in Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen (Koolskamp) Belgium

1979    1º in Humbeek, Humbeek (Brabant), Belgium

  Photo with TDF winner and good friend Jan Jansen. Suske has been a very sick man in 2017 but is now of better health and has one of the biggest private collections you ever seen. Suske is on Facebook with thousands of retro photos to ..go and have a look on https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1098441728&ref=br_rs  Founder of ” Vriendenkring Ex Renners” he started in 2011. Each year all ex pro’s and friends come together in Grobbendonk for a gala meal to celebrate the Flandriens of the past .. hope you keep well Suske and see you soon, an honor to have met you for sure.

An ode to Rik Van Looy his best friend and neighbour  Jempi Monsere’, an old friend of his and a corner in his museum dedicated to the world champ who was tragically killed at the young age of 23.You could listen to this man for hoursThe Bulldog Walter Godefroot  Eric De Vlaeminck (RIP)