What a beautiful day it was, no rain and glorious sunshine most of the day, the Town of Banbridge known as the Cycling Town of Ireland, award winning local club Banbridge CC at the helm of affairs led by Volunteer of the Year 2017 Aaron Wallace as race director, a sea of yellow (club colors) of volunteers at his peril, a great race head quarters with the Belmont House Hotel **** and main sponsor Neil O’ Brien from Victus making all volunteers so welcome..his contribution to Irish racing is about the best you can dream off..his renewed energy firm Victus, a leader of his kind, and all put together by Garry Nugent of the BGN event management. The race himself was already decided at the first KOH with 26 making a separation and stayed away for the day building on their time with each mile of the 111 mile stage (178 km) No one fancied a sprint and attack after attack happened in the last 20 miles with Conn Mc Dunphy ( Lucan and Pro with Holdsworth GB) managed to stay away and finished ahead of a strong chasing Matteo Cigali (Viner-Caremark-Pactimo) second and closely followed by St Piran’s(Cornwall) William Harper a close third, results below..first set of photos taken before the start by myself, and all action photos + podium photos courtesy of guest photographer Paul Hannigan (Banbridge CC) which I am so grateful for as I was roped in to do the commentary of the finish, and had to concentrate on the the job on hand. A sizable crowd was at the finish and bar some small crashes at the first 20 miles all riders came in safe. Saying that some had to abandon, and the time gaps are massive, but the Tour of Ulster is renowned for his hard racing, top cyclists and a big preparation for the coming Ras in a few weeks..right that enough for today and same time again hopefully tomorrow..bed time ..night night  Photo above of Neill of Victus energy ( Head sponsor and devil to it all)                      Banbridge-Banbridge (179.9km) (first 40) full result on www.tourofulster.com 

  1. McDunphy, Conn Lucan County Dublin 4h19m28s (41.6km per hour)
  2. Cigala, Matteo Team Viner Caremark Pactimo @33s
  3. Harper, William St Piran @47s
  4. Watson, Lindsay Powerhouse Sport @ s/t
  5. Hennebry, Conor Team Viner Caremark Pactimo @ s/t
  6. Auld, Scott VC Toucy @ s/t
  7. Gray, Jake VC Toucy @50s
  8. Prendergast, Charles Burren CC @53s
  9. Buller, John Banbridge CC @ s/t
  10. Canales, Wilfried VC Toucy @ s/t
  11. Evans, Joe St Piran @ s/t
  12. Maxwell, Oliver St Piran @1m15s
  13. Davenport, James Strata3-VeloRevolution @2m43s
  14. Ballester Llobera, Toni Team Sportactive Racing @2m51s
  15. Le Corre, Antoine UCD Cycling Club @4m26s
  16. Levasseur, Jordan VC Toucy @ s/t
  17. Murray, Stephen Strata3-VeloRevolution @4m27s
  18. McKinney, Kevin Banbridge CC @ s/t
  19. Sutcliffe, Cian Team Gerard-DHL @ s/t
  20. Rea, Craig Team Viner Caremark Pactimo @ s/t
  21. Jeffers, Cameron St Piran @4m33s
  22. Joughin, Ben Newry Wheelers @ s/t
  23. Corkery, Dillon Team Gerard-DHL @4m35s
  24. Shannon, Mark Burren CC @ s/t
  25. Masters, Lee Powerhouse Sport @4m39s
  26. Lavery, Philip Strata3-VeloRevolution @4m58s
  27. Hassett, Jarlath Burren CC @10m29s
  28. Garthwaite, Matthew Rhino Velo Race Team @ s/t
  29. Shearer, Donal Phoenix CC @ s/t
  30. McKee, Gareth Banbridge CC @14m32s
  31. Christie, Marcus Banbridge CC @ s/t
  32. Kiskonen, Siim VC Toucy @ s/t
  33. Alderman, Jake St Piran @ s/t
  34. McCann, Conor Newry Wheelers @ s/t
  35. Woods, Des Newry Wheelers @ s/t
  36. Hayward, Oliver Rhino Velo Race Team @ s/t
  37. Swinand, Greg PlanetX Carnac @ s/t
  38. McLaughlin, Ronan Team Viner Caremark Pactimo @ s/t
  39. Kennedy, Paul Blarney CC @ s/t
  40. Moore, Darnell Team Caldwell Cycles @14m34s                                                                                                                                               Action shots, podium shots plus the main photo at the top of the page (winner) courtesy of Paul Hannigan..thank you for your help