Big numbers showed up on a sunny Wednesday Eve for the “NDCC Kirkistown Club racing- Rd2” Underage racing (separate league) and Senior Racing on the fast Kirkistown race course. Most of the neighborhood clubs present with even some triathlon clubs involved for a good measure. The youth racing started the evening with nearly 50 entries from the U8’s to the U16’s on a smaller course around the pit area. Some very competitive racing on a very smooth service, and safe to!! Great to see such races sometimes..good for the spectators to as they can follow the race in full. The night finished with a handicap race with a 45minute lap race. The main race had the A3-A4 set off first, this followed after a few minutes by the what we called scratch group of A1-A2’s who only caught the front group with 1 1/2 lap to go ..Andrew Chivers from the organising club NDCC attacked with 1 lap to go and kept a small distance to the chasing bunch to win on the night. Due to being a club race he was allowed to wear his Belgian Project kit of 2017 ( worn last year in the Composite team of the project in the TOTN) and it pleased me to see Andrew winning as he had a bad start of the year and also studies to consider. He has been twice chosen (2016-2017) to summer racing as a graduate in Belgium, and twice broke a collarbone just a few weeks before travelling.. about time his luck changed as he has ability if fit. 74 racers in the main race including the non open racers, who racing under a limited licence and they started after the Open riders have been send off. Well organised and well handicapped. Here some photos I took and results courtesy of Eric Blaney the race director of the night..A wee note of THANKS VERY MUCH for the Donation towards the projects Bursary Fund from the North Down Cycling Club..a donation I received now for 3 years in a row and very grateful for as it makes a difference..please feel free to share or download the photos..just mention us and we are happy ..

Thank you NDCC.. 

The Bangor babes with a lovely smile View from the stop Bishopscourt Race track on Saturday