Today most have been one of the best conditions a tester can wish, glorious sunshine with a slight wee breeze to cool a bit, and super fast tarmacked surface. Ernie Magwood was smiling upon us this morning and the TT’s in his name really start getting momentum this year with 81 entries today for the 10 miler. The venue was changed due to unexpected road works (what’s new here) to the carriage way direction Colraine-Ballymoney about 10 miles out of the 7 towers roundabout, this after consultation with the PSNI at 9am this morning!! Quick action of the league organizers with David Heagney of Carn Wheelers and team Island Wheelers to change this at the shortest notice possible, who led to a successful event after all..chapeau to all involved. Decided to take some photos of some riders about 500 meters before the finish but after a few riders passed me shouting their number I start realizing that some confusion was created of where the finish line was situated..and after 2 riders slowed down after passing me the penny dropped..quickly moved to the real line to see a red car at the line with a checkered flag opposite..the testers had been told that a red car was the indication of the finish line…lol..My sincerely apologies if I created some confusion, it was not intended but can see why will have altered your times. So just blame it to the only Belgian in the Some amazing times recorded with Marcus Christie clocking the fastest time with an amazing 18m 39sec !! beating one of Europeans quickest track U/23 rider Xeno Young in to second with a 19m 22 sec what is equally an amazing time. 3th was Craig McAuley in a good 19m 42 sec ..Fastest lady was no surprise today..Eileen Burns ( multiple record holder and Irish Champ) recorded her best time in a 10 TT today with a faster then fast 20m 46sec beating para cycling world champ pilot Eve Mc Crystal with 15 seconds..what can I say except WOW ..Eileen surprised me giving me a wee momentum badge of the Common Wealth Games in Australia she was involved with..really appreciate such gester and it  will be proudly going on some jacket in the future. In recognition of the way Eileen does to promoting woman’s cycling, her status as role model for young girls and her amazing results the Belgian project had a 10th anniversary medal for her, unfortunately she is to old to be considered as graduate (would choose her with my eyes closed) but at least deserves to be part of our anniversary celebrations..a few kisses to in the bargain..Oh I love cycling !! .enjoy the photos and share  

1 Marcus Christie 18.39
2 Xeno Young 19.22 (1st year U/23)
3 Craig McAuley 19.42
4 Donal Shearer 20.11(1st year U/23)
5 Christian Nachtigall 20.21
6 Breandan Flannagan 20.22 (2nd year junior)
7 John Madden 20.23 (1st masters)
8 John Heverin 20.24
9 John Rafferty 20.36
10 David McIntyre 20.37
11 Ali Gribbon 20.40
12 Eileen Burns 20.46 (First Lady)
13 Joseph McCrory 20.55
14 Eve McCrystal 21.01
15 Stephen Harkens 21.02
16 David Gibson 21.05
17 Daniel Daly 21.07
18 Feargal Magee 21.18
19 Conor Halvey 21.24 (2nd year junior)
20 Johnny Webb 21.30
21 Alistair Robinson 21.31
22 Ivan Robinson 21.34
23 Glen Howe 21.41
24 John Ferrity 21.45
25 Gary McCullough 21.51
26 David Heagney 22.02
27 Thomas Martin 22.07
28 Tim Beattie 22.15
29 Neil Seffen 22.16
30 Rory McIntyre 22.18
31 Noel McLoughlin 22.20
32 Allen Bell 22.25
33 Mark Johnston 22.25
34 Michael McDonald 22.32
35 Seamus McAuley 22.34
36 Hall Booth 22.37
37 Ivor Smyth 22.44
38 Christopher Canning 22.49
39 Simon Keery 22.50
40 Paul McQuillan 22.50
41 Chris Wheeler 22.51
42 Kevin Walker 22.56
43 Lisa Lamont 22.58
44 Graham McConnell 23.13
45 Jane Wilkinson 23.14
46 Gordie McAvoy 23.18
47 Dominic Drumm 23.19
48 James Lemon 23.22
49 Mark Watson 23.24
50 Laura Campbell 23.31
51 Ryan McNeilly 23.38
52 Meta Johnston 23.39
53 Brian Darragh 23.44
54 David Quinn 23.46
55 Sean Hargan 23.56
56 Barry Kirkland 24.05
57 Mervyn Seffen 24.06
58 Enda McKeever 24.08
59 Bill Johnston 24.10
60 Karen Hull 24.17
61 William Orr 24.23
62 Gillian Orr 24.35
63 Joanne Regan 24.39
64 James O’Boyle 24.45
65 Stephen McDonald 25.00
66 Andrew Evans 25.09
67 Adrian Kelly 25.28
68 Joann Lowry 25.39
69 Mark McAleer 26.09
70 Harry Martin 26.25
71 Cormac McCann 26.59 (Masters +80)
72 Darrell Erwin 29.43 (Hand Cyclist)
73 Ted McKibbin 36.39 (Hand Cyclist)
Rodney Stewart DNF
Graeme Millar DNS
Andrew Robinson DNS
Brendan McCourt DNS
Conn McDunphy DNS
Patrick Withers DNS

Cormac Mc Cann senior ..over eighty years old and  10 Miles in a time of 26min 59sec !! Cormac Junior, David and Chris got the genes from somewhere!! 

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