A place who use to be grim was definitely changed today..bad boys out..very fast boys and girls in ..The old Maze prison ground had a great transformation in the last decade..home of the Balmoral show and the Eikon Arena and now Youth cycling racing..saying that it took a lot time to get the show on the road, the lack of a proper government and their decisions or approvals, it all played a factor to the delay. 1.5kms of tarmacked roads around the complex and on closed grounds, just perfect for Youth development and events like we witnessed today. It was a maiden exercise for the Ulster Youth Academy, some little delays but not something anyone present would have complained about as the sun was shining, the kids very well behaved, the music on a festival mood with 80 ties rock and 2018 ties dance music..free lunches for all the competitors and volunteers..we talking 130 entries and over 20 volunteers(made up with parents and committee members) They came from all corners of Ireland, some from Carrick on Sure, Longford, Donegal, Navan and Cavan, Dublin and the Waterford area and most of the Ulster regional clubs..medals galore with first 3 in each cat in each discipline including the 250meters sprint and TT, criterium style racing and as highlight the elimination race (Devil’s Tail) introduced for the first time in circuit road racing for the U8-U10-U12-U14-U16 categories. The feedback of this event is very positive, such effort has to be repeated as it is very safe racing for the youngsters, very spectator friendly and an atmosphere that screams for more. Results between the photos, but here some photos to start  you off on our usual link https://www.flickr.com/photos/thebelgianproject/albums/72157697795094934 We will have more photos in the next few days..so if you not seen today ..you will be in the next few days..A few photos I took myself between doing the commentary  and photo link from my right hand man David Mc Veigh  …well done to all involved,