What a day we had today..blazing sunshine..melting tarmac..demanding climb and top photographer Caroline Kerley travelling with me around the course all day..what a great time we had.. A very small report from us tonight as Wifi a bit slow in the Hotel and so tired of the heath we endured today..It was worse for the riders, we seen people collapse, completely spend and we seen worth winners. results between photos..and a pint of Guinness as a night cap..more on Monday when back home.. We distributed this weekend short of £3000 pounds as bursaries and funding for our graduates, so that’s sorted, meeting the Belgian project guest parents Sabien and Rik and so happy for them to see a win of one of their protigee’s Adam Ward and a medal for Breandan Flannagan ( both staying with them sometime in the summer) And a great thank you to a good friend of mine who supplied the bed for the night and Caroline for putting me in a good mood after some negative things that happened lately, but also pleased to promote my sponsor Onimpex_Bio Racer as a thank you for the extra bursary money and social clothing received this week..day 2 tomorrow ..do you just not love cycling..tara    2018 Junior Road Race Championships
1: Adam Ward, Powerhouse Sport
2: Ben Healy, Zappi RT
3: Aaron Doherty, NRPT
4: Conor Gallagher, NRPT
5:Cathir Doyle, Powerhouse Sport
6: Shay Donley, NRPT
7: Liam Curley, NRPT
8: Liam Hanley, Lucan Cycling RC
9: Conor Coleman, Panduit Carrick Wheelers
10: Michael McGlynn, Omagh Wheelers Club
Team : NRPT   Results Ladies & Juniors Road Race championships
1: Eve Mc Chrystal, Garda Cycling Club
2: Lydia Gurley, Aerocoach
3: Alice Sharpe, Torelli Brother
4: Kelly Murphy, Chapter 2
5: Kateherine Smyth, Ballymena RC
6: Lydia Boylan, Team WNT
7: Aine Donegan, Scott Orwell Wheelers
8: Michelle Geoghegan, Autoglass Wettem Cycling Team
9: Eileen Burns, Bally Mena Road Club
10 Imogen Cotter, VCV Eriu
Team Prize : Ballymena RC

Ladies Masters
1: Eve Mc Chrystal, Garda Cycling Club
2: Sinead Oakes, De Ronde Van
3: Nessa Rochford, De Ronde Van