The American’s are poised to keep the yellow and doing a “Ben Walsh” leading from Day 1 till end. Ben is the only one who done this in 2017, during the long time running of this very popular tour ! The race started lively with Cathir Doyle making sure he got maximum points at the first climb to strengthen his top position in the KOH classification and after this plenty attacks happened who split the 116 strong bunch in half..the front group of about 70 never to seen back from the remainder of the bunch. The Cliffs of Moher( a famous landmark in Ireland) was to be tackled and this time Michael Mc Glynn (Ulster Team & Omagh Wheelers) took the line at the top of this vicious climb,  Michael showed why the Belgian Project has awarded him a bursary this year, when fit Michael can show that climbing is his specialty and can compete with the best around. After the climb it was back to Ennis, with a few more attacks such as Conor Gallagher (Team Ireland) as instigator but reeled back in the last few kms of the race. A bunch sprint was to happen and Ian Spenkelink from the Dutch team Tempo-Hoppenbrouwers ( translated Beer brewers) got the better of the National South African team’s Rickardo Broxham. Shay Donley (Team Ireland) got 4th and relegated to second in the point jersey, but after his win yesterday only 1 point behind going in to the 4th stage this morning. 45 juniors still within 1 minute of the Leader Magnus Sheffield (Hot Tubes USA) and this will probably change today with some big and nasty climbs. Due to us not able to be at the race ( budget reasons) we rely on other resources to make a daily report and very grateful to John Hammond ( John Hammers Photos) for getting us the winning photos. John is masseur/soigneur of the Comeragh CC junior team and only can take shots at the finish due to his workload in the team which we are very grateful for. Also thanks to Usher RC for the results( for full results go to courtesy of the Ulster Official website

Ennis-Ennis (Stage 3 101,7 km)

  1. Spenkelink, Ian Tempo-Hoppenbrouwers 2h31’50”
  2. Broxham, Rickardo South Africa
  3. Peatfield, Isaac Green Jersey RT GBR
  4. Donley, Shay Ireland
  5. Moore, Eric Holowesko Citadel
  6. Walsh, Tomas Comeragh
  7. Hanley, Liam Lucan Cycling Road Cl
  8. Vliek, Mike Tempo-Hoppenbrouwers
  9. Chu, Josh USA Talent ID East
  10. Lamperti, Luke Team Swift
  11. Alexander, James Mid West Britain
  12. Jones, Seth Dornier Racing Team
  13. Lewis, Matthew Mid West Britain
  14. Law, Joe Green Jersey RT GBR
  15. Chass, Isaiah Team Swift all same time

GC after stage 3

  1. Sheffield, Magnus Hot Tubes 4h55’24”
  2. Broxham, Rickardo South Africa @08″
  3. Vollmer, Andrew Lux/SideshowSpec @18″
  4. Oliveira, Matthew Hot Tubes 2 @22″
  5. McLain, Logan Lux/SideshowSpec
  6. Smith, Mark Cycling Leinster @26″
  7. Lamperti, Luke Team Swift
  8. McGlynn, Michael Ulster @30″
  9. Noonan, James Hoppers Rollers @31″
  10. Scott, Jared Lux/SideshowSpec @32″
  11. Doyle, Cathir Ireland @33″
  12. Lutz, Henry Holowesko Citadel
  13. Chass, Isaiah Team Swift @34″
  14. Leveridge, Cian Matt South Africa @35″
  15. Husted, Eli Hot Tubes