A very competitive Junior tour has ended yesterday in Ennis..the final stage was a 77km kermesse style race with attacks to get the SA leader of his throne..to no avail..Rickardo Broxham was just to strong for the American riders from Hot Tubes and the Irish juniors, they wanted to reclaim the overall after bad luck on Saturday with a puncture who saw their yellow jersey leader Magnus Sheffield losing time, and losing the lead. And the Irish national team had also a say in this final moment..They launched an “all out” in the last few laps to catch the break away duo of Chass Isaiah ( Swift team from Swiss) and Magnus Sheffield (Hot Tubes). Cathir Doyle and Liam Curley just couldn’t reach them and we talking meters in the end..with Rickardo Broxham just behind them he secured his overall win and “goe gedoan bai” Rickardo. How competitive the tour was >>> 16 riders within a minute of the winner..its says  something alright..our youth can compete with the best..they just need more chances to do so..Cian May  15th overall and Cathir Doyle( KOH winner) will now continue their good form for guest team http://www.wielerploeg-molenspurters.be/ this week..they will get some top class racing with interclubs and kermesses in the UCI 1.14 junior races in Belgium, and with 2 more Irish Juniors racing for them such as Adam Ward (Irish Champion & Powerhouse) and team mate Breandan Flannagan just back from the European Junior Champs this generous Belgian schooling team could be repaid for their kindness to give our lads a chance of top racing in Belgium. Thank you Peter and Chris ( Molenspurters) for making this possible . The Ulster Cycling Junior team had also a great week in Clare with an eye catching performance of Michael Mc Glynn and his fellow team mates..Michael got himself a top ten in the GC, 2nd Irish finisher(with a few seconds short to the first Liam Curley from the CI team) and second in the KOH GC ..he is one to watch in the near future..his style of racing reminds me of Lucien Van Himpe..tinny but a mountain goat when their are serious climbs to conquer ..A great thank you to John Hammond ( John Hammers photo’s) for sending each morning his winning photos, and the http://www.irishcyclingnews.com/stage-6-full-results-gc-junior-tour-2018-jti18-jtireland1-spin11ireland-eurocycles/for results each day ….Well done to all involved and may it long continue Alice Sherrat and Usher RC for the promotion and organising such top events in Ireland.Top 10 of the final stage 6

  1. Chass, Isaiah Team Swift 1h46’52” USA
  2. Sheffield, Magnus Hot Tubes USA
  3. Doyle, Cathir Ireland @03″ IRL
  4. Curley, Liam Ireland @same time IRL
  5. Oliveira, Matthew Hot Tubes 2 @07″ USA
  6. Donley, Shay Ireland @same time IRL
  7. Lamberink, Steyn Tempo-Hoppenbrouwers NED
  8. Lamperti, Luke Team Swift USA
  9. White, Harrison Hot Tubes 2 USA
  10. Pounder, Alastair Holowesko Citadel                                                                                                        Photo courtesy of Cathal Doyle’s social media page

    Final GC (top 15)

    1. Broxham, Rickardo South Africa 12h40’10”
    2. Vollmer, Andrew Lux/SideshowSpec @06″
    3. Oliveira, Matthew Hot Tubes 2 @14″
    4. Lamperti, Luke Team Swift
    5. Noonan, James Hoppers Rollers @23″
    6. Lutz, Henry HoloweskoCitade @25″
    7. Curley, Liam Ireland @30″
    8. Paige, Charlie Green Jersey RT @32″
    9. McGlynn, Michael Ulster
    10. McNeil, Aidan Team Swift @35″
    11. Maher, Lane Hot Tubes @36″
    12. Jones, Seth Dornier Racing T @37″
    13. Riccitello, Matthew Lux/SideshowSpec @41″
    14. Gallagher, Conor Ireland @46″
    15. May, Cian Ireland @58″