The Belgian project proudly rewarding his chosen juniors with a summer guest ride, greatly offered by the renowned Belgian schooling team with guest mum Martine Verfaillie in Moorslede and being looked after by Director Sportive Chris Van Neste (Junior section of the club) they will LIVE THE DREAM to the full. Today a UCI 1.14.3 kermesse in Veldegem on the menu, this followed by a similar race on Sunday in Kanegem (Tielt). Cathir Doyle and Cian May will get their baptism of Belgian junior racing this weekend to prepare for the big jobs next weekend..The Johan Musseeuw Classic Interclub for international juniors in Gistel next Saturday and followed with the One day summer classic Ypres (BEL)-St Omer (FR) including the climb of the famous Kemmelberg on the menu the Sunday..This certainly will give them a chance to learn new skills, racing in massive fields, and soak up the experience been presented to them. We wish them both a successful and safe stay  Martine receiving her 10th anniversary medal of the Belgian project, this to thank her for the valuable contribution towards our project over the years..we couldn’t have done it without her.

Next report we will present the U/23 graduates ..till then tara..