Padraig Rogan can be proud to take his first mayor win of a main race, and this with a field of many top A1’s, A2’s and A3 & Juniors ..He has been two years in my selection pool but just didn’t make the grade needed, and has been racing in my composite team in the Ras Donegal 2017 proving he can tackle the hard work involved, and given us a solid performance .This year had a bit of bad luck, but kept racing at any oppertunity..grabbing a few points and just waited his time..well it came good for Padraig this time..his determination and eager to do well paid of. Coached by Cormac mc Cann and supported by his father and soigneur Paul Rogan not forgetting his home team Phoenix CC Padraig repaid them all with the win. Well done Padraig..very pleased for you. Feature photo & team kit photo from David Mc Veigh and all other photos courtesy of Toby Watson. Results Castlereagh CC with thanks to all as I couldn’t be there this weekend.  Sunday 22th July / John Moore Memorial /Promoted by Castlereagh CC

A1-A2-A3 & Juniors

  1. Padraig Rogan Phoenix CC
  2. Gareth O’Neill Newry Wheelers
  3. Jody Wright Phoenix CC
  4. Kevin McKinney Armagh City Cyclists
  5. Aaron Wiley Omagh Wheelers
  6. Keith Phillips North Down CC
  7. Edward Kearney Phoenix CC
  8. Dean Lockhart Carn Wheelers
  9. Gary McCullough Team Madigan
  10. Lindsay Watson Powerhouse Sport                                                                                                           A4 Race
  1. Ian McClure Northern CC
  2. Luke Roberts Shimna Wheelers
  3. Liam Crichton Velo Cafe Magasin
  4. Peter McBride Banbridge CC
  5. Jonathan Coen Dromore CC
  6. James MacMahon Banbridge CC
  7. Philip Graham Unattached
  8. Garret Greene Velo Cafe Magasin
  9. Brian Hannon Bainbridge CC
  10. Leslie Balmer Ballymena Road Club