The “KERMISKOERS SCHOONDERBUKEN JUNIOREN” in de Belgian province of Brabant had a very Irish tint yesterday..a record entry of 7 CI juniors in this UCI 1.14.3 kermesse with 4 juniors of the Comeragh CC, 2 of the Molenspurters Meulenbeke & Belgian Project Graduates and the Irish Junior Champ of Powerhouse Sport. When the champ Adam Ward appears now at the starting line the others already thinking of try to get second ..and this is not big talk as Adam has proved that already in his earlier races in Belgium..and done it again..well done Adam. My Belgian project graduates next in the results with a 5th for Cathir Doyle 1m12s down (sprint for second place with the bunch) and Cian May 7th both riding for VZW Molenspurters Meulenbeke. In the same bunch the Comeragh CC boys Tomas Walsh 16th, Rhys Kenny 19th, Jason Kenny 22nd and Ciaran O’Sullivan 23rd all in the same time as the second in this 84km gruelling warm race of over 30 celcius. Cian May’s whole family there to see their son and brother racing before they set of to Assen for an international youth race in Holland. The question comes in to my mind if the Irish Federation maybe should rekindle the idea of setting up a house in Belgium to harbour CI riders when over in Belgium, something that happened before with the Sean Kelly academy house a few years ago. So many people have asked me to help with finding accomiddation, but I am only able to harbour my graduates with a guest family and only could give advice about licences and calendar of events. Wish I could do more but limitted as my graduates have priority, and only a few families to rely on. As you can see the intrest of our youth is big..we should try to accommidate them will harvest better and improved riders in the end All photos from our guest photographer Martine Verfaillie and more here on this link