The end of July means the Tour of Omagh in many cycling households, not for daddy’s or sons only..the daughters get a chance to for showing their skills on the bike..and so they did..This weekend we concentrate on the Woman’s Race as we try to get this promoted as much we can, and of course give the separate A4 race the attention they deserve. Both winning photographs from Fotozone.If you talk about equality in cycle races there is a few clubs about who make this a priority and this weekend we supporting one of those clubs..Promoter and organisers Omagh Wheelers..long time supporter/bursary funder of our Belgian project. A cycling club who strives to get their youth and woman the attention they deserves. To many names to mention but one thing need to be said..They know their onions..and the Tour of Omagh will benifit of such knowledge as this is not an easy thing to do, but have a look at the photos, you would think we in the continent with such impressive cavalcade, very expensive super cars as leadcar’s provided by I suppose to get reporting about girls but the cars distracted PR Shaun Mc Bride reports on how the race went

George Claims Opening Stage Sfter Scraghy Attack

The first stage of the Omagh 3day stage race has set the tone for what will surely be enthralling race. With 43 Riders on the starting line in a new format ,  introducing a lead group of 14 W3 riders. The Limit group of W3 Riders had a four minute start on the combined W1/W2 Group.  The lead group worked well together , and it was going to take a special piece of riding to bridge across –  and that’s exactly what Jennifer George guesting for TC Racing was to do. On the climb to the top of Scraghy she was to catch the lead group and ride straight through taking three riders from that group with her  – Jane Wilkinson (Cycling Ulster), Isobel Oakes (Smugglers CC) and Agnieszka Wozniak (Cork County CC). They were to form a formidable alliance and stay away to the finish, with George winning the sprint. On the road behind a chase group including Junior National Champion Lara Gillespie (Orwell Wheelers) , Fiona Guihen (Cycling Leinster) and Sofie Loscher (Women’s Cycling Ireland ) combined with W3 Rider Lyndsey Bryce (Cycling Leinster), and Claire Ludlow from Ardee CC. After 35 miles Gillespie, Loscher and Guihen were to move ahead of the other two in an attempt to catch the lead group. Stage winner George was delighted with her effort and his now looking forward to two more days in the foothills of the Sperrins in West Tyrone“I enjoyed these rolling roads and am look forward to the climbing tomorrow and Sunday she enthused and working with the rest of the TC team to defend the pink jersey” Tomorrow will see the riders tackle a time trial in the morning and then in the afternoon face a stage which takes through the village of Carrickmore twice before a fast run into Omagh along the main Cookstown road. The Women’s Commission Development Team , all finished safely after a tough day of racing , including a Crash by Emma Desmond in the final 20k . The Cycling Ulster ladies team mixes youth and experience and todays winner of the” Sock game ” (a bit of banter here in N-Ireland) provided by our main sponsor www.victorychimp.ccA big thank you to the Family Ferguson-Maguire, who kindly put me up for the weekend just hundred yards away from the HQ. Means I can do my wee reports each day in the comfort of their home, and have a bit of family life during the evening also, they can not do enough for me and very much appreciated. But lets talk about girls and racing briefly..39 starters with teams from each province with an impressive team from the Isle of Man included, an unknown strenght for us. The race has a new formula and a handicap system been applied to give the less experienced girls a fighting change..this is a first in Ireland in a main race.The prize money is equal to the mens race and plenty of different jerseys to be won over the weekend. Results below courtesy of Omagh Wheelers with also thanks to the timekeepers on duty. Till tonight ..  Results Ladies stage 1

1 148 George,Jennifer TCR TC Racing 1h59’37”
2 145 Oakes,Isobel SMU Smugglers CC 1h59’37”
3 122 Wozniak,Agnieszka CCC Cork County CC 1h59’37”
4 133 Wilkinson,Jane ULS Cycling Ulster 1h59’41” @04″
5 125 Guihen,Fiona LEN Cycling Leinster 2h03’26” @03’49”
6 140 Gillespie,Lara ORW Scott Orwell CC 2h03’26” @ s/t
7 162 Loscher,Sofie WCD Women’s Commission De 2h03’26” @ s/t
8 128 Bryce,Lyndsey LEN Cycling Leinster 2h03’32” @03’55”
9 121 Ludlow,Claire ARD Ardee CC 2h04’38” @05’01”
10 138 Ni Fhlathartaigh,Cia ORW Scott Orwell CC 2h04’38” @ s/t
11 152 Davies,Eleanor IOM Team IOM Ladies 2h06’37” @07’00”
12 134 Campbell,Laura ULS Cycling Ulster 2h06’37” @ s/t
13 159 Kuras,Ewa WCD Women’s Commission De 2h06’37” @ s/t
14 131 Gallagher,Clodagh ULS Cycling Ulster 2h06’37” @ s/t
15 153 Barker,Ellen IOM Team IOM Ladies 2h06’37” @ s/t
16 129 Claffey,Maria LEN Cycling Leinster 2h06’37” @ s/t
17 123 Flanagan,Aisling LEN Cycling Leinster 2h06’37” @ s/t
18 127 Bates,Jennifer LEN Cycling Leinster 2h06’37” @ s/t
19 130 Molloy,Sinead LEN Cycling Leinster 2h06’37” @ s/t
20 150 O’Donovan,Niamh TCR TC Racing 2h06’37” @ s/t
21 151 O’Dwyer,Niamh TCR TC Racing 2h06’37” @ s/t
22 154 Priest,Kathryn IOM Team IOM Ladies 2h06’37” @ s/t
23 147 Hughes,Gwenno TCR TC Racing 2h06’37” @ s/t
24 135 Lamont,Lisa ULS Cycling Ulster 2h06’37” @ s/t
25 161 McKinney,Michelle WCD Women’s Commission De 2h06’37” @ s/t
26 144 Doran,Yvonne ORW Scott Orwell CC 2h06’37” @ s/t
27 141 Frieband,Monica ORW Scott Orwell CC 2h06’37” @ s/t
28 149 Stevens,Niamh TCR TC Racing 2h06’37” @ s/t
29 158 Desmond,Emma WCD Women’s Commission De 2h06’37” @ s/t
30 126 Neenan,Jennifer LEN Cycling Leinster 2h06’37” @ s/t
31 156 Shanahan,Frances WCC West Cork CC 2h06’42” @07’05”
32 155 Carlisle,Catherine UCD UCD Cycling Club 2h06’42” @ s/t
33 132 McArdle,Ellie ULS Cycling Ulster 2h06’42” @ s/t
34 157 Ni Reachtagain,Clair WCD Women’s Commission De 2h06’42” @ s/t
35 143 Howard,Sandra ORW Scott Orwell CC 2h09’35” @09’58”
36 136 Salvador,Marcia DRV De Ronda Van Cork CC 2h10’18” @10’41”
37 163 Fagan,Susan WCD Women’s Commission De 2h11’58” @12’21”
38 137 Cooke,Anne-Marie DWC Dublin Wheelers 2h17’01” @17’24”
39 160 Tilly,Hannah WCD Women’s Commission De 2h17’07” @17’30” Results men stage 1.

1 56 Rogers,Barry HAR Harps CC 1h44’47”
2 59 Loughran,Marvin HAR Harps CC 1h44’47”
3 41 McComb,Brian DRO Dromore CC 1h44’47”
4 16 McMahon,James BAN Banbridge CC 1h44’47”
5 24 O’Hagan,Damien CLO Clogher Valley Whls 1h44’47”
6 9 Foster,Samuel BAL Ballymena RC 1h44’47”
7 96 Kelly,Brian TA Strabane Lifford 1h44’47”
8 75 Campbell,Ronan LAK Lakeland CC 1h44’47”
9 68 Hayes,Jonathan KEE Keevan CC 1h44’47”
10 29 Blissex,Peter COR Cork City 1h44’47”
11 49 Holian,Damian ERR Errigal CC 1h44’47”
12 5 McCambridge,John APO Apollo CT 1h44’47”
13 101 McFarland,Cameron TCC Team Caldwell Cycles 1h44’47”
14 48 Mallon,Shay EMY Emyvale CC 1h44’47”
15 54 Tarnowski,Jakub FIX Fixx Rouleurs 1h44’47”
16 25 Meehan,Kieran CLO Clogher Valley Whls 1h44’47”
17 42 Maguire,Sean TYR East Tyrone CC 1h44’47”
18 27 Neill,Stephen CLO Clogher Valley Whls 1h44’47”
19 21 Dougan,Padraig CAR Carn Wheelers 1h44’47”
20 102 Irvine,David TCC Team Caldwell Cycles 1h44’47”
21 44 McEntee,Declan EMY Emyvale CC 1h44’47”
22 39 McMenemy,Andrew TYR East Tyrone CC 1h44’47”
23 28 Knapcok,Tomas CLO Clogher Valley Whls 1h44’47”
24 47 Atkinson,Karl EMY Emyvale CC 1h44’47”
25 57 Kerr,Barry HAR Harps CC 1h44’47”
26 98 Dwyer,Evin TA Strabane Lifford 1h44’47”
27 67 Kerr,Joel KEE Keevan CC 1h44’47”
28 77 McBride,Gareth NDC North Down CC 1h44’47”
29 18 McBride,Richard BAN Banbridge CC 1h44’47”
30 17 McBride,Peter BAN Banbridge CC 1h44’47”
31 36 Mackin,James DRO Dromore CC 1h44’47”
32 89 De Meester,Jules ORW Scott Orwell 1h44’47”
33 74 Carron,Paul LAK Lakeland CC 1h44’47”
34 70 Woods,Simon KEE Keevan CC 1h44’47”
35 15 Burns,Chris BAN Banbridge CC 1h44’47”
36 104 Ferguson,Ian TCC Team Caldwell Cycles 1h44’47”
37 72 Byrne,Kieran LAK Lakeland CC 1h44’47”
38 26 Dickson,Mark CLO Clogher Valley Whls 1h44’47”
39 109 Greene,Garreth VCM Velo Cafe Magasin 1h44’47”
40 55 McGavigan,Kevin FOU Four Masters CC 1h44’47”
41 94 McGovern,Shane SMU Smugglers CC 1h44’47”
42 73 Somerville,Lee LAK Lakeland CC 1h44’47”
43 6 Balmer,Leslie BAL Ballymena RC 1h44’47”
44 35 Burnside,David DRO Dromore CC 1h44’47”
45 43 Wensley,Steven DRO Dromore CC 1h44’47”
46 64 Donnelly,Gareth ISL Island Wheelers 1h44’47”
47 38 McCartan,Neil DRO Dromore CC 1h44’47”
48 60 Cahill,Patrick HAR Harps CC 1h44’47”
49 103 McCombe,Heath TCC Team Caldwell Cycles 1h44’47”
50 107 Collins,Oliver TER Termoneeny CC 1h44’47”
51 62 Early,Marvin ISL Island Wheelers 1h44’47”
52 80 McDermott,Frank OLD Oldcastle CC 1h44’47”
53 53 Heferty,Troy ERR Errigal CC 1h44’47”
54 37 Coen,Jonathan DRO Dromore CC 1h44’47”
55 58 Bradley,John HAR Harps CC 1h44’47”
56 99 McCauley,Jay TA Strabane Lifford 1h44’47”
57 40 Green,Ashley TYR East Tyrone CC 1h44’47”
58 95 Denning,Daragh STT St. Tiernans CC 1h44’47”
59 33 Traynor,Gavin CUC Cuchulainn CC 1h44’47”
60 23 Downey,Stephen CAR Carn Wheelers 1h44’47”
61 71 Browne,Danny LAK Lakeland CC 1h44’47”
62 83 Murray,Shane OLD Oldcastle CC 1h44’47”
63 4 Maguire,Paddy OMA Omagh Wheelers CC 1h44’47”
64 50 Carr,Patrick K ERR Errigal CC 1h44’47”
65 14 Peake,Adrian BAN Banbridge CC 1h44’47”
66 78 Taylor,Jonathan NDC North Down CC 1h44’47”
67 2 Gallagher,Donal OMA Omagh Wheelers CC 1h44’47”
68 13 Gormley,Michael BAL Ballymoney CC 1h44’47”
69 52 Holian,Shauni ERR Errigal CC 1h44’47”
70 34 Flynn,Jimmy CUC Cuchulainn CC 1h44’47”
71 110 Boylan,Kenny VCM Velo Cafe Magasin 1h44’58” @11″
72 10 Campbell,Jordan BAL Ballymoney CC 1h44’59” @12″
73 30 Delaney,Aidan CUC Cuchulainn CC 1h44’59” @ s/t
74 69 Sinton,Mathew KEE Keevan CC 1h44’59” @ s/t
75 82 Cahill,Richard OLD Oldcastle CC 1h44’59” @ s/t
76 84 Beattie,Tim OLD Oldcastle CC 1h44’59” @ s/t
77 93 Molloy,Eddie SMU Smugglers CC 1h44’59” @ s/t
78 12 Moody,Marc BAL Ballymoney CC 1h44’59” @ s/t
79 32 McDermott,Gavin CUC Cuchulainn CC 1h45’04” @17″
80 61 Hadden,Jonathan ISL Island Wheelers 1h45’04” @ s/t
81 88 Coffey,Jonathan ORW Scott Orwell 1h45’07” @20″
82 51 McDaid,Shaun ERR Errigal CC 1h44’47”
83 22 Cunningham,Robert CAR Carn Wheelers 1h46’33” @01’46”
84 108 McCormick,Andrew VCM Velo Cafe Magasin 1h48’58” @04’11”
85 66 Donnelly,Francis KEE Keevan CC 1h49’27” @04’40”
86 79 Cardy,Stephen NDC North Down CC 1h51’29” @06’42”
87 86 Davis,Eric ORW Scott Orwell 1h52’09” @07’22”
88 85 Sellers,Bernard ORW Scott Orwell 1h52’15” @07’28”
89 7 Tennant,Nigel BAL Ballymena RC 1h54’08” @09’21”
90 97 Toland,Eamon TA Strabane Lifford 1h54’08” @ s/t
91 8 McQuillan,Paul BAL Ballymena RC 1h54’08” @ s/t
92 45 Sherry,Fintan EMY Emyvale CC 1h54’11” @09’24”
93 3 Smyth,Ivor OMA Omagh Wheelers CC 1h54’11” @ s/t
94 63 McKeown,Paul ISL Island Wheelers 1h54’11” @ s/t
95 100 Cox,Trevor TA Strabane Lifford 1h54’13” @09’26”
96 1 Watson,Colin OMA Omagh Wheelers CC 1h54’13” @ s/t
97 106 McEnteggart,John TCR Team Cavan Racing 1h54’13” @ s/t
98 31 Abernethy,Colin CUC Cuchulainn CC 1h56’45” @11’58”
99 19 McKenna,Declan CAR Carn Wheelers 1h57’17” @12’30”
100 81 Farrelly,Cian OLD Oldcastle CC 1h58’02” @13’15”
101 76 Green,Andy NDC North Down CC 2h00’03” @15’16”
102 65 McCann,Sean ISL Island Wheelers 2h00’04” @15’17”
103 87 Wade,John ORW Scott Orwell 2h03’15” @18’28”
104 92 McGovern,Dary SMU Smugglers CC 2h09’15” @24’28”
105 11 Fleming,Kyle BAL Ballymoney CC 2h10’18” @25’31”
106 91 Gartland,Adrian SMU Smugglers CC 2h10’18” @ s/t
107 20 Calderwood,Neal CAR Carn Wheelers 1h44’47”
108 105 Duncan,Stephen TCC Team Caldwell Cycles 1h44’47”