Featured photo courtesy of Pol Demeyere Pommer, all other photos Martine Verfaillie..thanksFirst day of each month my wife and yours truly have a rituel..we call 3 times the phrase “White Rabbit” It suppose to bring luck and gifts for the new month..sometimes it works and sometimes not..but yesterday (1st August 2018) it did ok for me…One of my youngest graduate Cathir Doyle won a junior race in Belgium (Kooigem near Kortrijk) He follows the line of Irish Juniors whom already have wins behind their name this season in the Flanders (all Powerhouse Sport Juniors)..Riding for his Belgian Team  http://www.wielerploeg-molenspurters.be/as guest rider for the summer, and also a powerhouse sport junior when home, Cathir finished a brave solo ride of 40kms in winning style..This is the 5th win of an Ulster Junior since they arrived 2 weeks ago!! A record that will be hard to be beaten in the future. Junior Champ Adam Ward was 6th, 44 seconds behind sprinting with the chasing bunch for 4th place, Cian May 29th in the same bunch and had to work for Cathir policing the front of the peloton. In the same time the Comeragh CC juniors passed the line with Kenny Rhys 37th, Kenny Jason 59th and Nico Roche junior Conor Gallagher in 56th place. Tomas Walsh from Comeragh was in 60th place a few minutes behind the main peloton. The entries (90) had a very international line up with teams from Israel, Finland, France, Holland, Denmark and Japan but that didn’t fuzz our hero of the day. Needless to say I am a very proud man, the lads have proven that their selection was the right one..Our 2 U/23 graduates John Buller and Conor McCann raced in Zillebeke (Hille 60 UCI 1.12 Interclub ) and both crossed the line in chasing groups, and seems back to fittness. Such performances pleases our sponsors and make it easier for us to get them back on board in 2019, but also attracks possible new sponsors as advertising on this website brings divident and exposure as much possible..LIVE THE DREAM is alive and well  Cian and Cathir with top masseur Marcel Van Belleghem