The good form of the Irish riders in the Flanders continues..Yesterday in Dadizele-Moorslede ( home of Cathir, Cian, Adam, Conor and Jake) the juniors nearly done it again..a flat tyre prevented Cathir of winning the race, as been up the road most of the race with winner Vito Braet (Forte U/19 CT) ..Jake Gray was at hand to change the wheel quickly (borrowed from the Israel racing team) and Cathir who got the assistance of Adam Ward to safeguard his second place..Adam had seperated himself from the chasing bunch and came in 3th not contesting Cathir well deserved second as been up front all day, a fair play gester very much welcomed. Cian May didn’t finish this one but can try again this weekend. Jake Gray got two second places within a week with the Elite zc/U23’s and a clear sign he will bag a win before the season is over in Belgium..Conor Mc Cann and John Buller who represent the project are getting back in the swing of things with both finishing their races in the bunch of their UCI 1.12 B races, and learning the trade in the bread and butter kermesses, surely they will be strong contenders again when back in Ireland. John had a crash in his last race but seems OK..hard men this Ulster boys!!Above Cathir controls the peloton and ready to pounce!! So pleased with all of them, they have been noticed and also well liked despite their winning ways, as they work in the race and don’t steal the races..The Belgian project wishes them all a safe and successful remainder of their stay and a few wins maybe before returning home..Thanks to Martine Verfaillie for the great photos as per usual. Marc Heaney who races in east Flanders as living in that area is slowly getting back to some form ..He ended up 14th yesterday in Lokeren (near Antwerp) within a minute of the winner sprinting for 3th place, and hopefully his health problems are a thing in the past now..