When I saw Lara winning the CX Irish Junior ladies champs in Wicklow this winter I knew we had something special here. You add then the Road race Championship to her tally and the track champ jersey to..but Lara had her seights on medals in the European Champs (Aigle Switserland) after a mishap in the Worlds at the same track last week. She crossed the line in 3th but was relegated to last due to a near crash what unclipped her feet, and it took her to long to get back in the pedals and the judges decided the incident was not seen as a race mishap. This would not discourage Lara at all..At the same worlds she got a 5th at the IP a few days later ! Yesterday Lara rectified her medal status..Silver at the Individual pursuit 0.5 second down on the Italian winner Vittoria Guazzini and beating the Irish record IP …My decision to award her a bursary this year was not difficult..wish I could do more as she is flying the fleg of irish women’s cycling and other young girls will be inspired to do well ! Chapeau lara and thanks, so proud of you. Feature photo courtesy of Dario Belingheri/BettiniPhoto©2018Above Lara receiving her 10th  BP anniversary medal before winning the Junior Irish Champs ..below at the International Dublin GP as Irish Champ in July.


23th in the CX  World Champs in Valkenburg 2018 on the left, silver in the Europeans on the right