Jake Gray is now already 2 months based in Belgium after leaving France in June this year..The VC Touchy full time rider stays with BP guest mum Martine Verfaillie for the remainder of the Belgian season as a self funded rider, and does his stuff in the UCI 1.12 A-B elite without contract/Under 23 cat. His results are more then decent with now already 3 second places and numerous top 10’s..the win should be coming very soon, but in his class not that easy ..90% of entries can win such race..attack after attack in such races from the gun, and if you miss the break..you sprint for minor places…Jake is well liked in the flanders pelotons..never shy of doing some work when needed ..He has already a little fan club with by Noel Depoorter ( his transport and soigneur at times) and his wife Paulette Soen from Moorslede, not forgetting Mario (Pantani) De Poortere and Martine of course. Hopefully he finds another team for the 2019 season as VC Touchy seems to pack in next year. (Photo of Martine and Mario courtesy of Eddy Verhulst here below) Keep it lit Jake..your turn soon !!  Photo courtesy of Gino Coghe below