Pleasant day at the cyclo cross today in Castlereagh at the outskirts of Belfast, the Orangefield velodrome used as starting point and part of the course ..windy morning but rain stayed away..probably Brian Kinning (RIP) had a word with the weather gods..we even had sunshine in the afternoon..From the U/6 fun race till the main A race all competitors stayed dry..the course very fast and no mud this time around. Kinning Cycling with race director Glenn served us 7 different races, helped by neighbouring clubs like VC Glendale whom also organised a BBQ in aid of wee Ellen, her family and friends try to raising funds to send the child to the United States for treatment of her cancer not available overhere. More news very soon how to help or donate.  In the lady race we saw a comeback of Fran Meehan (ex Irish CX champ and olympian) who managed 3th for her new team Kinning’s. David Conroy (Scott) won the main race in his usual style with a wheelie at the end. Full results (courtesy of Comm’s Martin Grimley & Lisa Millar & Jim Adams and the time team) The CX today was sponsored and promoted by Kinning Cycles and co sponsored by Charm Wedding studio, Greenscape NI, Bio Racer GB and support of Cycling Ulster. All photos from our guest photographer and Irish Track Champ Tony Mairs as I was doing the commentary and grateful for the help.