I have gone a bit mellow with getting older, avoiding hassle if possible or arguments..sometimes its just not worth reacting, also have a responsibility towards my beloved project sponsors..but there is times that you just have to say something..here a wee story that angers a lot of people and it rattle me to as it is plain wrong ! I would like to stress out that the ones chosen deserve such call up in their own way, but astonished that 2 Irish Champions are just left out ..What else do this lads have to do ? Junior Champion of Ireland Adam Ward won 14 races this year in 4 different countries..the most talked about junior here in Ireland, and also in my homeland with 4 kermesse wins..a billboard for Cycling Ireland all summer with his champions jersey..not good enough it seems!! TRIPLE U23’s Champion of Ireland Darnell Moore who have set alight many races here and mostly winning them to, can adapt to big races when asked, team player and when motivated very dangerous..again not good enough..compared to results of others this should be more then good enough to at least be in the team for the Worldchampionships in Austria end september..nope..So can the selectors panel explain such decision..please do as the whole Ulster Cycling fraternity is waiting for some answers..at least we own this as social media is going ape without educated answers.. Because what do you tell our youth …There is a rainbow but no pot of gold ?? Photo’s David mc Veigh and Martine Verfaillie