The up rise of Cyclo Cross and off road racing has been very notable in the Irish fraternity in the last couple of years
with most events reaching over 200 +entries, rising nrs. in youth and ladies racing and very notable the pro-like organizing and promoting such events.  A good spread of racing with mostly Saturday racing in the South of Ireland and Sunday’s mostly reserved for Ulster races. The bike shops doing roaring trade and in return giving something back with promoting or sponsoring such events. So good all around and with the safety in mind good and challenging courses been chosen to an extend that one of the courses & and his promoters been accepted by the UCI CX board to held an UCI Class 2 International Cyclo Cross in Mallusk (Belfast NI). The efforts of promoter Glenn from Kinning Cycles and his volunteers in Castlereagh (Belfast) and Irish coach and manager Andy Layhe to make this happen became real. Some big names have been attracted to make this financial possible, even crowd funding as extra help as such event cost a lot of money to organise, standards have to be high safety wise, a fixed prize fund has to met, anti doping has to be in place, fees has to be paid etc..but it is here never less ..they done it below some info of the event and his sponsors and promoters. We at the Belgian Project have been invited to cover media & commentary  and very proud to been asked,  as this will be the highlight of our media team this year. We will be able to promote this to a wider audience and promote our off road cycling to the full. Some foreign riders already entered and with the best of Ireland present we should have a day of racing on the 7th October to remember for a longtime..

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