2 more sleeps and the long awaited UCI cross is in the land, the Kinning Cycles team and his volunteers busy with the build of the course and all other perils that comes with it, a massive job done by unsung heroes with all their free time given to make this a success. But with the expertise this organisation has it will be ready and fit to purpose by Sunday morning..Entries have swollen in the last few days and now closed. Looking forward to the main race as it could be a repeat of the  battle we seen in Wicklow last January at the CX Champs with David Conroy and Champion Darnell Moore. Include lads like Richard Maes, Thomas Creighton, Robin Seymour, Graham Boyd, Angus Fyffe, Tim O’Regan, and Glenn Kinning to mention a few and we have a race on for sure!  Due to the first time that some riders race against each other this season it is hard to predict who will be the strongest on the day. My prediction for the podium 1. Darnell Moore 2. David Conroy 3. Richard Maes with Glenn and Angus as danger men to that podium  ..we will see how far right or wrong I am..The ladies race I would predict 1.Lara Gillespie 2. Fran Meehan 3. Maria Larkin and Michelle Geoghegan or Asia Bula as contenders of that podium to. With the men juniors my prediction would be 1. Lee Harvey 2. Cathal Gallagher 3. Ciaran Dixon. See you all on Sunday for a memorable day off Irish CX ..

Full list of entries UCI Juniors, UCI Ladies, UCI Elite and support races U/14-16 and B-race   UCI Juniors

Junior Men Adam McGarr Biking.ie 10017366721
Junior Men Callum Richardson Trail Demons CC 10017089764
Junior Men Cathal Gallagher Errigal Cycling Club 10016716720
Junior Men Cian Smart McNally Swords CC 10017261031
Junior Men Ciaran Dixon McConvey Cycles 10016987613
Junior Men Donal Walsh AAA Cycling 10017196363
Junior Men Dylan Traynor AAA Cycling 10017218894
Junior Men Ethan Jeffers Apollo Cycling Team 10016843123
Junior Men Lee Harvey Un-Attached Ulster 10016652961
Junior Men Oisín Doherty Donegal Bay Cycling Club 10016962755
Junior Men Padraic Doolan Acorn Road Club 10017013578
Junior Men Paul-Antoine Hagan Team Vision Racing 10052729180
Junior Men Thomas Warke Ballymoney CC 10017210208
UCI Women 
Women Alison McMullan Un-Attached Ulster 10017495447
Women Arron Fox Un-Attached Leinster 10068312636
Women Breda Horan Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10011030702
Women Ciara Macmanus Un-Attached Ulster 10005370245
Women Darcey Harkness Carn Wheelers 10016644776
Women Ellie McArdle Square Wheels 10017333981
Women Francine Meehan Kinning Cycles Cycling Club 10009485974
Women Grace Young De Ronde Van Cork CC 10015230293
Women Joanna Bula Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar CC 10016882327
Women Klaudia Bajolek Scott Eurocycles.com 10016227171
Women Lara Gillespie Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10016636692
Women Leah McCarthy Team Giant Dublin 10052670172
Women Lisa Stapelbroek Kenmare Cycling Club 10017301548
Women Lucy O’Donnell O’Leary Stone Kanturk 10017143116
Women Maria Larkin The Meteor p/b Allied 10009883775
Women Michelle Geoghegan Autoglas Wettern Cycling Team 10007135645
Women Nessa Rochford De Ronde Van Cork CC 10016091169
Women Niamh McKiverigan Powerhouse Sport 10017517574
Women Niamh Stephens TC Racing 10013499956
Women Orla Conroy Bray Wheelers 10017024591
Women Rachel Irvine The Bike House CC 10008925091
Women Rachel McBride Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 10017327921
Women Stephanie Roche Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10017126443
Women Trudy Brown VC Glendale 10004553223
UCI Elite men
Senior men Angus Fyffe Team Caldwell Cycles 10016706919
Senior men Barry Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 10009526592
Senior men Chris Cameron Kinning Cycles Cycling Club 10016857974
Senior men Christian Nachtigall Phoenix CC 10017443109
Senior men Christopher McGlinchey Chain Reaction Cycles 10007712086
Senior men Colm Quinn Newry Wheelers CC 10017108457
Senior men Darnell Moore Team Caldwell Cycles 10009314307
Senior men David Conroy Scott Eurocycles.com 10009878927
Senior men Derek Finnegan Keevan CC 10001476303
Senior men Dominic McCartan Apollo Cycling Team 10017430072
Senior men Eoin Ahern Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10015552922
Senior men Evan Ryan Team WORC 10006395415
Senior men Frank McDermott Oldcastle CC 10017361263
Senior men Gavin O’Connell Team WORC 10010086465
Senior men Glenn Kinning Kinning Cycles Cycling Club 10003825925
Senior men Graham Boyd McConvey Cycles 10006046114
Senior men James McCourt Island Wheelers 10017324281
Senior men John Conway Harps CC 10017028433
Senior men John James McAnerney Armagh City Cyclists 10017332264
Senior men Jonathan Taylor Carn Wheelers 10017285481
Senior men Kevin Keane St. Tiernans Cycling Club 10016837059
Senior men Kyle Fisher Lakeland 10016682566
Senior men Lee Somerville Lakeland 10017262445
Senior men Lewis Ferguson The Bike House CC 10002956561
Senior men Mark McKinley Newry Wheelers CC 10007050466
Senior men Matthew McAllister Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 10011040907
Senior men Michael McGlynn Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 10017343479
Senior men Niall Davis Biking.ie 10003588273
Senior men Paul Caldwell EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 10014853108
Senior men Paul O’Reilly UCD Cycling Club 10006045912
Senior men Raymond O’Shaughnessy Cuchulainn CC 10058880600
Senior men Richard Barry St. Finbarrs CC 10016909811
Senior men Richard Maes Killarney Cycling Club 10015410351
Senior men Robin Seymour Team WORC 10002584527
Senior men Ronan O’Flynn Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10015250808
Senior men Seán Ó Tuathail Bray Wheelers 10017184441
Senior men Thomas Creighton McConvey Cycles 10017074610
Senior men Timothy O’Regan Killarney Cycling Club 10008915290
Senior men Tomas Knapcok Clogher Valley Wheelers 10077436292
Senior men Vincent Oger
Under 14 Boys
U14 boys Andrew Croskery Killinchy Cycling Club 10017068142
U14 boys Curtis Neill Carn Wheelers 10017439873
U14 boys Daniel Scott Island Wheelers 10017123615
U14 boys Elijah McGinley Errigal Cycling Club 10017407036
U14 boys Frank Russell Carn Wheelers 10017132507
U14 boys James Holden Cuchulainn CC 0
U14 boys Oisin Ferrity Island Wheelers 10016675189
U14 boys Seth Dunwoody Shelbourne/Orchard CC 10017008427
U14 boys Shane Scullion Island Wheelers 10017117955
U14 boys Travis Harkness Carn Wheelers 10016643362
Under 14 Girls
U14 girls Aine Doherty VC Glendale 10072729267
U14 girls Cara Moffitt Phoenix CC 10017547684
U14 girls Katie Reilly Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10052718672
U14 girls Keela Smyth Apollo Cycling Team 10017263960
U14 girls Lucy Brown Phoenix CC 10052710588
Under 16 Boys
U16 boys Brendan Conroy EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 10017048237
U16 boys Conal Scully Carlow RCC 10017119268
U16 boys Conor Gallagher Errigal Cycling Club 10016716114
U16 boys Johnnie McAuley Team Madigan C.C. 10017428961
U16 boys Joseph Owens Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 10017173327
U16 boys Somhairle Owens Fisher Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 10017172620
Under 16 Girls
U16 girls Annie Roche Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10017134628
U16 girls Caoimhe May Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10017417544
U16 girls Erin Creighton XMTB 10017074913
U16 girls Katie Neill Carn Wheelers 10017446543
U16 girls Maia Simmons The Bike House CC 10017277603
U16 girls Maria McAllister Island Wheelers 10017340550
B-race Elite Men 
Support race Aaron McCann Cuchulainn CC 10015410452
Support race Alan Bingham Newry Wheelers CC 10016976596
Support race Anthony Boyle VC Glendale 10016940729
Support race Anthony Mitchell The Bike House CC 10017538691
Support race Barry Convery Newry Wheelers CC 10017028534
Support race Barry Mooney Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 10017527173
Support race Barry Russell Carn Wheelers 10017131901
Support race Ben Cady Velo Cafe Magasin 10016859893
Support race Benjamin Gould Velo Cafe Magasin 10075987053
Support race Bernard Mackle Square Wheels 10062098572
Support race Brendan Doherty VC Glendale 10016966593
Support race Brendan Kirk North Down CC 10016779869
Support race Brian Halliday Velo Club Iveagh 10016672159
Support race Brian Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 10014852603
Support race Brian McCabe Un-Attached Leinster 10017341358
Support race Bryan Gaffney Team Cavan Racing 10016704087
Support race Colin Davidson Kings Moss CC 10017061371
Support race Colm Watson VC Glendale 10017204144
Support race Conor McGrane Velo Club Balrothery 10017354189
Support race Conor Quinn Newry Wheelers CC 10017109770
Support race Craig Harrison West Down Wheelers 10064810330
Support race Daniel Daly Phoenix CC 10017053792
Support race Daniel McCallion Foyle CC 10017338328
Support race David McKeague Un-Attached Ulster 10017514746
Support race David Ryan Team Giant Dublin 10017114319
Support race David Torney Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club 10017293262
Support race David Tweed Phoenix CC 10017214753
Support race David Neil Armstrong Dromara Cycling Club 10016933352
Support race Declan McMackin The Bike House CC 10013483081
Support race Derek King Apollo Cycling Team 10016743800
Support race Des Woods Newry Wheelers CC 10014425395
Support race Diarmuid Nolan Un-Attached Leinster 10067647578
Support race Donal Gallagher Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 10016715912
Support race Drew McKinley Newry Wheelers CC 10011728896
Support race Eoin Stephens Team Giant Dublin 10017299326
Support race Fearghal Regan Murphy Surveys Kilcullen CC 10017082791
Support race Fergus McCann Cuchulainn CC 10017430880
Support race Frank McDermott Oldcastle CC 10017361263
Support race Fraser Duncan The Bike House CC 10002913822
Support race Gareth Robinson Un-Attached Leinster 10049053385
Support race James Ambrose The Bike House CC 10015909394
Support race James Behan Foyle CC 10016917689
Support race Jerry Ryan Upperchurch Drombane Cycling 10017117551
Support race Joe Henry Velo Cafe Magasin 10014236853
Support race John Bogues Phoenix CC 10016958816
Support race John Crowley Killarney Cycling Club 10004729742
Support race John McGettigan Lucan Cycling Road Club 10015201193
Support race John McGuigan Dromara Cycling Club 10017354593
Support race Karl Dolan Cuchulainn CC 10016978317
Support race Keith Phillips North Down CC 10017182118
Support race Kenneth Fowler Square Wheels 10016709141
Support race Kenny Bucke Murphy Surveys Kilcullen CC 10016875556
Support race Kevin McDowell North Down CC 10017369650
Support race Kieran Byrne Lakeland 10075170031
Support race Lee Somerville Lakeland 10017262445
Support race Malcolm Kell Team Smartlamp Aviation 10016780273
Support race Marek Pluciniczak Portadown Cycling Club 10017181613
Support race Mark Gordon Newry Wheelers CC 10016618306
Support race Mark Irvine The Bike House CC 10052650166
Support race Mark Johnston Velo Club Iveagh 10016843931
Support race Mark McGirr Lakeland 10017344287
Support race Mark McKissock Dunshaughlin CC 10017517675
Support race Mark Murphy Bray Wheelers 10017437045
Support race Marty Henderson Un-Attached Ulster 10052650267
Support race Matthew Blayney The Bike House CC 10013883108
Support race Matthew Leathem Trail Demons CC 10016767240
Support race Matthew Seebach Slaney Cycling Club 10017118157
Support race Matthew Sinton Portadown Cycling Club 10017279724
Support race Michael Farry Lakeland 10016702067
Support race Michael Grimes Team WORC 10016658318
Support race Michael Hamilton Un-Attached Ulster 10016667816
Support race Michael Havern Newry Wheelers CC 10016654577
Support race Michael McMullan Un-Attached Ulster 10017493730
Support race Michael O’Reilly EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 10017189188
Support race Neil McCready Un-Attached Ulster 10084908225
Support race Niall McCarron Newry Wheelers CC 10017334587
Support race Oscar Mac Ananey EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 10017395821
Support race Patrick Breen Tipp Wheelers 10016944264
Support race Paul Birchall Revolution Cycling Club 10016975990
Support race Paul Ferguson The Bike House CC 10011267542
Support race Paul McMulkin Lakeland 10017495649
Support race Pawel Rybak Lucan Cycling Road Club 10017113915
Support race Peter Campbell Velo Cafe Magasin 10052657341
Support race Peter McBride Banbridge CC 10017329032
Support race Peter McConville Newry Wheelers CC 10004729944
Support race Peter Rimmer Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar CC 10017091885
Support race Ray Murphy Oldcastle CC 10017435833
Support race Raymond Beers East Antrim CC 10016916881
Support race Raymond Fedigan Cuchulainn CC 10055845207
Support race Richard Gaffikin Killinchy Cycling Club 10016717225
Support race Richard Lenehan Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar CC 10016789165
Support race Robert Smyth Apollo Cycling Team 10017265980
Support race Robert Watt The Bike House CC 10017244358
Support race Seamus McAuley Phoenix CC 10065959576
Support race Sean McCourt VC Glendale 10017323574
Support race Sean Ward Lucan Cycling Road Club 10017210511
Support race Shane Campbell Square Wheels 10016903646
Support race Stephen Prentice Banbridge CC 10017097343
Support race Stuart Holden Cuchulainn CC 10016787852
Support race Tom Clogher TC Racing 10016886670
Support race Tony O’Farrell Velo Club Balrothery 10017455839
Support race William Larmour The Bike House CC 10016802202