A day to put in the Irish Cycling history books as a new chapter named  The Bio Racer-Atlassian International UCI CX ..a big boost for the off road section of our beloved sport happened yesterday at the outskirts of Belfast as something special was going on..An UCI ranked CX event hit our shores for the first time ever, and held at the Playing Fields Mallusk (Industrial area of Belfast). For the organiser and promoter Glenn Kinning a risky and brave thing to do, but with his team of volunteers, his sponsors and the support of lot of generous people it became a success it deserved and screams for more of that sort of thing!! The Belgian Project media team had an early start setting up camp at the finish line, installing our PA system (A welcomed donation by Victus Energy) for a grueling day of commentating in high winds, and miserable rain who was greeting our team of photographers David Mc Veigh, Tony Mairs  and back up man Jerome Mc Namara.

Needless to say I felt in my element witnessing hard racing from about 200 entries including the UCI ranked Junior, ladies and Elite men separate events, and his support races who had a massive field of 100 riders in the Elite men B-Race and some Youth racing to. A nightmare for myself commentating wise with so many visitors from the other provinces, but help was at hand and was handed over an I pad who had the names and lap times app on it and made my work very easy to do ..so thanks very much https://www.myrunresults.com/  for a brilliant job feeding me the info. Also an apology is in order towards the Ladies racers..In my commentary I mentioned the elite men as “the main race” of the day, and should have rephrase it to “one of the main races” as the ladies and juniors had the same UCI status, a non intentional turn of phrase as I am a big fan and promoter of women’s racing.

Full report and results can be find on  http://www.ulstercyclocross.com/  To sum up yesterdays ground braking event with the words of Stephen Nolan (BBC radio & TV pundit) The greatest show in Ireland ..and sure it was.. thank you to the army of volunteers, the promoter and his sponsors, the time keepers, UCI and National Commissaires, the tea ladies and off course our cyclocrossers and their supporters..a day to be repeated . Photo links on  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155962927753691 and our usual link   https://www.flickr.com/photos/thebelgianproject/albums/72157701951983104 No injury occurred here above but more a shot showing the skills of Carn Wheelers Darcy Harkness avoiding the two unlucky girls in front of her..Darcy as first year junior is getting the better of many older girls this year and one to watch in the future ..well done Darcy.