The Belgian Project now looking for aspiring juniors and espoirs to enter the projects selection pool for 2019. Entry to this pool is simple and straight forward ..Are you a junior or Under 23 with ambition ? Will you have a full competition CI licence in 2019 ? Would you like to be chosen to become a graduate and have a month racing in Belgium to gain valuable experience and skills ? or would like to qualify for a bursary to help you with the travel expenses to international events ? 26 did so in 2018 and 10 bursaries have been handed over in 2018 + 4 graduates have been send to Belgium with attached guest families. A total of £2900 was handed over this year and this was funded by advertisers on this website (40% of total income of advertisers + direct donates to the bursary fund) and totaled nearly 52% of our incoming funds.  We working now to find the advertisers for 2019 and hopefully we can increase this figures ! The bursary holders and graduates will be announced in June 2019 and chosen from the pool only ! Therefore send your CV and favourite photo before end February 2019 to (no Facebook messages please) and include your last 2 years racing, your goals and hobbies, next of kin, dob, club and coaches name. It doesn’t matter if you are competing on the road, track, off road we will accept you to start off..we also encourage female athletes to enter or para cyclists as we are striving for equality and fairness.  A selection program will be announced later in the year as we wait for the AGM of CI regarding Juniors to decide what status the selections have to be in June next year, but overall we look at results, team work, character and availability and ask advice to people who know the game. I can not be influenced by  money’s received, neither favors of gifts and our system is as transparent possible to make this a fair selection. You neither have to be one of the top riders in Ireland but off course even chance to all who enter. 3 Belgian teams have already inquired about next summer possible guest riding..this as a result of Irish youngsters doing very well in the Flanders this year and that will give you the big chance of riding in a team at Interclubs (The ultimate racing experience as an amateur and very close to pro racing) To end this report and quest for entries I would like to thank our sponsors this year, without them it would have not been possible to offer such things, as retired from working due to some health issues and on a low income the Belgian Project only can exist because of you ..We going now into the 11th year of operating in Ireland and hope I can do this for another long time as my life would be boring without it ..Also we will not forget the people who have supported us for many years, the guest parents and their commitment to us, the volunteers and off course the graduates and bursary holders in the last 10 years..because of you all I find inspiration to please girls and boys..get your entries in cost nothing to enter and you have a chance to put yourself in the shop window of cycling ..