If someone would have told me 40 years ago that I  be commentating a Cyclo Cross in Belfast in the next millennium,  I would have advised that man to see a shrink or stop smoking the wacky backy..lol..But that became real amazingly !! I have made Northern Ireland my home 29 years ago when I stranded here by accident (Fishing Trawler man at the time) and lived here ever since. Why I stayed .. Well because of an Norn Ireland girl and the promise of a coffee and never looked back. Still love the girl and her coffee and never regret staying here since !! After a long break of the sport I loved since childhood and eventually coming back to the sport due to a ex brother in law who was a top rider in Ireland at the time..the Belgian Project was born..and now finding myself back to commentate at some cycling events to, and eventually coming back to the story of today..The West Belgian CX called in some quarters and rightly so..Musgrave Park in Belfast will look like National Belgium day with flags and banners, the promoters VC Glendale home colours very Belgium tinted due to the club’s jersey design and provided by a very Belgian sport clothing company called Bio- Racer who also sponsor the race due to his British Onimpex representative and also one of the main sponsors of my beloved project..So sort of home match for me and really looking forward to it to the extend of been awake since 4 am. Vc Glendale has put all the stops out with very Belgian goodies bags for the kids racing in the morning and dressed up Musgrave park in Belfast as a Belgian cross event with more the 300 entries already entered !! It is also a day for charity and the feature photo shows the BBQ on hand in aid of a wee girl called Ellen who suffers from the evil disease called cancer and need treatment in the USA to get better as such ground breaking care is not available in our part of the world..£3.00 or more if you wish for a hamburger and a drink with all proceedings going to the cause of this little girl Ellen. So see you all today in West Belgium sometime called West Belfast..that’s why not homesick today ..(photos courtesy of Toby Watson & VC Glendale & Belgian Project) report tonight on this site