Marc Potts and Felix English have been racing on the boards for a few years now and seems to click very well with each other as friends, competing as full timers for Ireland in the track world and specialized in the 6 day’s events and GP’s all over the world,  renowned for their success in the Scratch and the Madison on the “piste”   They had their downs but very much their up’s, this time podiums (3th) in the GP Vienna (Aus) to just mention one fresh in mind. Only met Felix at a few occasions but know Marc a bit better due to his involvement with the Belgian Project as a graduate a few years ago. Marc paid me back with a win while racing in the Flanders! Both are established successful road racers and coaches but find their niche at the Velodrome’s in the world, you can find their info of their coaching links embedded at the end of this report. Last weekend they have been competing in the Paris GP at the Saint Quentin en Yvelines velodrome. Davy Mc Fall from Omagh and Marc’s closest friend traveled with them to Paris to make this splendid video of a ” Behind the scene” view and how a day in their lives looks like..the music accompanying the video just magic.

They both now in Canada for an UCI track event in Milton this week and hopefully they keep on getting results as they both deserve this. Living from home most of the year in Majorca and living out of a suitcase is not easy and takes dedication, missing out on a normal live as such. Living the dream doesn’t come easy on a very tight budget.Coaching info of Marc ( Felix ( )

The Belgian Project wish them both good luck in the future ans surely we hear more of this 2 whippets on the boards. Feature photo courtesy of  Other photos taken from the lads social media pages & Video