Saturday 3th November. We all have our grievances and complains when it comes to decisions made by our federations, we air this on social media all year around and lot of “Rants” find many likes, but will it change anything that way ? No it won’t !!  It highlights such decisions maybe, but to change this things we don’t like, there is only one way ! Attending the AGM’s of your federation and be heard trough your vote. I have been guilty of moaning about certain decisions and love a good rant to express my opinion but it means shit if not there to vote..maybe against or in favor but at least I have the opportunity to do so as a licence holder (which I have been attending for the last 10 years as a member of Ards CC, and to represent my personal Belgian Project) The Cycling Ulster AGM is on this Saturday in the O’Neill Arms Hotel at  Toomebridge, Co Antrim at 12 Noon and hopefully many of you can attend as it paves the way to the future of our racing here in Ulster. For people travelling from Donegal and Derry be aware there is road works after the Glenshane Pass and diversions can slow you down around that time of day. (schedule taken from CU website below)

  The order of business for the day will be as follows                                                                                              Chairman’s Address

  1. To adopt the standing orders for the orderly conduct of the AGM.
  2. To consider the Minutes of the AGM of Saturday 4th November 2017.
  3. To receive the Financial statement to December 2017 approved by Cycling Ireland and the Income and Expenditure Statement for 9 months ended September 2018
  4. To fix the Cycling Ulster levy for 2018
  5. To Receive the following Reports
  • Secretary’s report
  • Vice Chairman’s Report
  • Safeguarding Officer’s report
  • Road Commission report
  • Off-Road Commission report
  • Youth Academy report
  • BMX Report
  • Track Commission report
  • Women’s Commission report
  • Commonwealth Games Update
  • Mary Peter’s Awards and Leisure
  • Technical Officer’s report

Proposed new Constitution Discussion and Ratification


  1. Marian Lamb will give a brief overview of the main changes to the constitution.
  2. Discussion on points raised
  3. Any amendments proposed from floor
  4. Amendments put to vote
  5. Vote to ratify the constitution
  6. Vote to empower Cycling Ulster Executive to make minor changes in consultation with Cycling Ireland
  7. Vote to make new constitution effective immediately