This story is in memory of my grandfather Hector Dekeyser (Decorated Veteran of WW1) whom introduce me to cycling at a very young age. Bompa Hector was a fanatical fan of cycling, and a Peugot dealer before I was born and finished his working life as a small Brewer of Local Beer in Wenduine West Flanders (Bergenbier). Bikes and beer which we are famous for in my homeland. My holidays as a young boy always included a few weeks with Bompa (flemish dialect word for Grandfather) In the evenings he would tell me stories of the past, mostly from the Great War and off course cycling. He was a big fan of Eddy Merckx, Poulidor, Tom Simpson and Ferdinand Bracke the stall wards of the Peugot Team in the Sixties and early seventies. 3 of this riders most of you know but Ferdinand maybe not so familiar here in Ireland. Never less the now 79 years old all rounder was immense popular as a pro rider in my part of the world.  Ferdinand best known for winning the 1971 Vuelta a Espana in front of Wilfried David of Belgium and Luis Ocana of Spain. He also stood on the podium at the 1968 Tour de France, after finishing in 3rd place behind Jan Janssen of Holland and Herman Van Springel of Belgium (I watch this with my bompa on the French TV that summer as a 12 year old boy and my love for the sport was born) Ferdinand accomplishments also winning the Grand Prix des Nations Individual Time Trial Championships in 1962, 1966 Trofeo Barrachi alongside Eddy Merckx and the Gran Prix Pino Cerami in 1973. But the most I remember him for is holding the hour record on the track of 48.093km in 1968, the following year becoming the World Professional Pursuit Champion and in 1971 with the Peugeot-BP winning the Overall in the Vuelta a España. He was also a renowned 6 day rider, and coupled many times with Eddy Merckx. After his pro career who finished in 1978 with Old Lord Splendor, Ferdinand became a Federation coach in Belgium and was awarded Coach of the Year in 2011 as recognition to his work. A man I never met but always gonna remember because of my Bompa’s stories now sadly missed. If you read this Ferdinand, can I wish you many years to come and thank you for all you have done for Belgian Cycling..chapeau (all photo’s courtesy of Wikipedia which we will give a donation in the coming months as we frequent use their photos as resources, and they rely on to continue existing)