Living the dream is also living out of a suitcase for many full time is not different for our track stars who race the world track circuits to make a bit of a living aided by grants and support of friends. A bit of prize money is a bonus in their game of racing on wooden boards. When you as Irishmen have chosen this sport it becomes a life of travelling, racing and training abroad for the obvious reason we just don’t have a indoor arena yet. But it seems according to CI that in the next few years the so long awaited Indoor Velodrome will be a reality and be located in the grounds of  the National Sports Campus in Blanchardtown Dublin, where also the new headquarters of CI will be. Let’s hope after all this years of speculating this time things are for real and we can cater for such riders as Marc Potts and Felix English ( ) for example. A very busy autumn and winter period for this top riders on the track with already been visiting country’s as far as Canada and training in Majorca where they are based as Irish Full time riders. They lead a life that many not would stick with for very long as you living away from the loved ones and friends, and lots of sacrifices to deal with. Last week they honoured the boards in Geneve Switzerland and doing their thing..Madison is one of their specialty due to a long time partnership and where they shine..this time a bit less then other times but remember they race against seasoned pro’s and each result has to be fought for. To many results to mention here but a link to the result here below as there was also Cadet & Junior & Women & Amateur racing on this 4 day event. Davy McFall  from Omagh and long time friend of Marc traveled with them and made this fantastic video behind the scenes of the long weekend which I used to get the photo’s attached. Thanks for that Dave. This two are capable of much better and soon we will see the prove of that..repetition after repetition give self confidence and this lads have abundance of that stuff and will succeed. With Marc one of my graduates a few years ago I became a fan of this Tyrone fellow and knowing Felix through races over the years to and wish them all the success they thoroughly deserve ..Vol gas..Keep it lit lads.