The project is lucky to have good friends and supporters, sponsors and is our life line and able to continue year after year..we have different way’s of raising funds such as direct sponsorship/advertising on this site including project’s car, commentating at events, and now a yearly occurring raffle in the Bike House Bangor (25 Grays Hill near the Seafront) which is very welcomed by us. You need to buy the tickets in house (£1) so this is directed to the local clubs and cyclists to pop in and see what this great small shop has to offer around X-mas ..have a coffee and buy lots of tickets at that sort of price! Everything helps and a well meant Thank You

Here the announcement of  ”


It’s that time of the year again when we run our Christmas raffle and as usual all proceeds will be donated to The Belgian Project. This raffle is always greatly supported and as always we have some great prizes up for grabs! 

This years prizes for 5 lucky winners are: 1. A Belgian Project Jacket (Bio-Racer hoodie as seen above) 2. 3 x Bike House Cycling Caps,  3.  A Morgan Blue Cleaning kit

All you have to do is call in and buy yourself some tickets (£1 each) and you never know, you could be one of our lucky prize winners 😄

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