It was cold outside, the race was just finished and Gerry and yours truly went for a drink at the pub opposite the finish (The Hawthorn Inn) at the first race of the year in Annaclone (The Travers Engineering GP) Due to driving I had a half, and Gerry a deserving pint donated by the owner and we as Guinness lovers gratefully accepted (lol) Always wanted to know a bit more about this Banbridge man and suggested an interview as our cameraman and video editor David Mc Veigh was with us that cold afternoon. No problem for Gerry and an interested talk about bikes, para cycling and much more went on camera in very country surroundings with even a parade of sheep passing the front door of this amazing pub we are in..we normally try to do 3 to 4 minutes interviews..not with took nearly 12minutes and we could have gone on forever as the passion was evident..people like Beggsie make the sport lovable !