David Conroy was in action in Zolder (one of the UCI World Champs courses) and not really suits him do to the fastness of such course and the dry surface yesterday in the East of Belgium. Saying that he hovered around the 40th position of the 60 top world class entries and in the last lap made some headway to end up in 35th place. Accompanied with his pit man and mechanic Kurt and his soigneur and Belgian adopted mum Martine they pre arrived at X-mas day in Zolder for an inspection of the course and a Christmas dinner (no turkey but pasta for the athlete and ribs for the others) In Belgium this time of year is the most busy one with races midweek and weekends and something to be a bit jealous of as CX fans here in Ireland..saying that each year we get new crosses on the calendar and hopefully we can have some crosses over the X-mas holidays in the future. Other photos of the Zolder CX courtesy of Martine to be find below report

X-mas dinner for David..when dedicated to a sport some sacrifices have to be made to succeed ..saying that his dish looks yummy

David is now preparing for his next cross in Loenhout this Saturday and will be joined by Sean Nolan (Navan RC and CI) at the Baal Cross (home of Sven Nys) on the January the first. Sean arrives with his dad John in Belgium this week for a few crosses to prepare him for the Nationals in Cork. Saturday a side federation cross (ICR) and then the big ask in Baal for the UCI Cross on New years day. We wish them both lots of luck.

Sean seen here earlier this year in Aigle Swiss for a UCI CX development course
Sean was in my selection pool this year but didn’t make the cut do to sickness in the first part of 2018…But we are more then happy to recommend Sean to Martine as Sean is a well mannered and talented lad who could benefit greatly of such visit to Belgium.
A big thank you to Kurt his mechanic and pit man ..so valuable to have
Xmas dinner Flemish style for Kurt..frieten !! 
Choco we call this in Belgium…totally fecked here..lol
War face on
Making his way up the field
Belgian upcoming cx espoir Toon Vandenbosch
All photos on https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.520845601755574
Thanks Martine x