Here some info of what happens behind the scenes to make our races safer for all of us, necessary actions are will come at a cost and make organising more expensive (Hence increasing sign-on fees at certain races) but need to be welcomed, as the safety and life of the rider is worth the effort and cost! Here below a report of CU and an explanation of new things required by the PSNI documented by Garry Nugent ( CI Event officer) who took the workshop yesterday in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Belfast aided by Aaron Wallace (Technical Officer CU/National commissaire A Cycling Ireland) and a high ranked officer of the PSNI to answer questions. We had about 70 delegates from clubs in the Belfast area and further afield joining us in the Crown Plaza Shaw Bridge Belfast.

As part of the ongoing process to help engage with clubs and create a greater understanding of requirements for running events, Cycling Ulster are organising three presentations in January for clubs in NI that will be attended by the Cycling Ireland Events Officer and representatives from the PSNI. These are compulsory for all NI based clubs involved in event promotion and therefore it is essential that clubs are represented at one of these workshops. The first presentation is on Tuesday 8th January in the Crowne Plaza, Shaw’s Bridge at 7 pm followed by Thursday 10th January in Walshe’s Hotel Maghera at 7 pm and finally Saturday 12th January in the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh at 12 noon. Cycling Ulster Chairman, Tommy McCague said previously (Tommy could not attend due to the passing of his mum, and we offer our condolences for his loss to his family) “There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within our clubs on promoting events. These presentations will, however, provide clubs with an opportunity for gaining a greater insight into the requirements set out by Cycling Ireland and an opportunity to engage with the PSNI” “Event organising and safety is a crucial aspect of our sport, the Cycling Ireland Events Officer will be in attendance at these presentations and clubs must ensure they are represented so they can feedback to their other officials and members as well.” Clubs should email stating which presentation they will be attending in advance of the event. Numbers are limited for each venue but we will do our best to accommodate each club at their preferred presentation”

1. We will discuss the new safety requirements laid out by the PSNI and what they mean for us all
2. To breakdown what we require from Organisers and how we can help with the process

1. Cycling Ulster meet with the PSNI in July to discuss to season to date and to move forward into 2019 and beyond.
2. A group has been selected by Cycling Ulster to meet with our colleagues in the PSNI, the purpose is to meet throughout the season on a more frequent basis to monitor events and event safety. The group will also feed into the current Risk Assessment process and where necessary may make recommendations.
3. Signage and better awareness is a top priority for all. We have to make our events more visible to general road users. It is now a requirement for competitive events taking place a dual carriageway that a VMS must be placed at both ends to alert road users to your event.
4. Depending on the company you use it will cost between £300 – £400 per event. HBS cost the sign at £140 per week, £25 placement cost and £25 removal cost x 2, with 3-4 weeks booking notice. (£380)
5.CU currently looking at options with local suppliers to secure the best price.
Highway Barrier Solutions
Greentown Traffic Management
Ernco Group
PWS Ireland

The second sign will complement what we currently have and these will be placed at all roads joining the course you are using.
Signs must be placed 100 metres before the junction.
Signs can be sourced locally or bought in bulk from the UK
  Prices start from £9 – £20 depending on supplier and quantities bought
All signs must be reflective.
Grants are available from local authorities to purchase equipment –
Community Events Fund Grants
Cycling Ulster are looking into placing a bulk order so that clubs can avail of the best possible price.

– An example of a Racing Circuit, indicating the location of the new signage
If clubs use this year to start increasing their safety measures it will stand everyone in good stead for what will be a new round of negotiations with the PSNI for next year. It may well be the case that we’ll ask Clubs to submit their plans for signage and Traffic Management along with their Form 18s. We (Cycling Ireland) are currently undertaking a full assessment of their Safety Procedures. We will be assessing where we currently are and what adjustments we might need to take to be better positioned.

1.The purpose of the online training is to make all parties aware of their responsibilities
The PSNI will support all efforts to bring an Accredited Marshalls scheme into existence and are keen to work collaboratively with DFI and ourselves to achieve this goal.

2.To be a part of the NEG you must have or be in the process of obtaining your Advance Motor Cycle Training. We are currently working with Nigel Farquhar who is in the process of reaching out to all the Advanced Motorcycle Groups in Northern Ireland. It is hoped from this that we will engage with up to 10-12 individuals who will be interested in working with us on this project and training will start mid-season in 2019 with the full implementation in 2020. The next stages for these groups are to identify what is required and the costs involved in achieving this goal. A Cycling Ireland board rep has been assigned to this group to oversee the process.

3.Currently, under review – a possible solution is to have more neutral service vehicles.
                      – for teams to produce adequate insurance.

Risk Assessment document
The Risk Assessment Document clearly lays out what exactly you as a promoter must cover and be aware off to ensure your event is covered by Cycling Ireland.

Route Course – drive the course and identify the hazards, this will form the bones of your RA and when this has been completed please submit to RA to the portal and your event will be authorised. I know after this point you change names and locations of marshals but this is part of the role.
General – appoint a Safety Officer
Marshals/Volunteers – please ensure all people and volunteers are competent and know their role and are contactable on the day
Signage – ensure all warning signs are in place both for participants and the general public
Participants – to be made aware of the course and any hazards. They also have a duty of care and be mindful to act in a manner that takes account of their own safety and the safety of others.

Indemnity Cover – is put in place to cover the race HQ or any building deemed to be covered in association with our events. This must be with the office 7 days before the event costing £60 per event.
Indemnity Request Form-

Temporary Vehicle Insurance – to cover all the race official vehicles, from the Lead Cars to Broom Wagons, not including team cars. This must be with the office 10 days before the event costing £30 per vehicle per event.
Temporary Vehicle Insurance Form-