Last weekend we had the honour of the visit of Martine Verfaillie to our shores to support her adopted son and Poulain David Conroy. Martine was guest of the Conroy Family and had their base camp in Cobh Cork. I was invited to the family dinner the night before the Elite champs by the Conroy’s and for me a chance to catch up with Martine and discuss plans for this summer. So lucky to have Martine on board as she is not only a brilliant carer to our beloved youth but also very handy with a camera! Due to her enormous amount of followers on social media Irish Cycling get top promotion in Belgium, this exposure very welcomed by us! Here Martine’s work from Sunday in the Fota House Gardens near personal selection and the links to her pages for over 700 photos at bottom of report..merci Martine, such big thanks for the dedication and valuable help towards promoting our youth!

The Rim factor
The Lucy factor
The Corkery factor
The Flemish & Dutch & Afrikaans name factor
The beloved Lion on display
the Team performance
The knocking on the door factor
The colour coded factor
The ecstatic factor
The retro factor

The slip factor
The medal collector
The obstacle factor
The Northern Factor
The bad luck factor
The Tom Clogher factor
The giving it all factor
The new junior champ factor
The emotional father and daughter factor
The family factor
The completely empty factor
The winning Dundalk factor
The home ground factor

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