Fundraiser a few years ago (2015) at the Belgian Project supporters club “t’Lusterke” in Wervik (BE) with “Frans Lookalike Eddy Merckx” a very well known entertainer and Merckx fan in Flanders pro kermesse world,  and yours truly as MC for the night

Always proud if my ex bursary holders going well but gracious when a little less. David (Monty) Montgomery ex Irish CX Champ (2015) and a brief ex-pro on the road had his ups and downs the last few years. An enduro and MTB rider at heart, Monty dipped a few times his toes into the Cyclo-Cross over the years, sometimes a whole foot and with some success too and his comeback season was held back with injuries too but finished in great style. Raced and lived in Belgium during his reign as Irish CX Champs in 2015 (UCI world cup crosses) and looked after by our guest mum Martine Verfaillie. Martine now looks after the new champ David Conroy who is based during the season in her home in Moorslede (West Flanders) just like Monty a few years ago. Martine must have some mixed emotions in Cork last week with both up front racing for the title. Conroy had the better of Monty this time and the Banbridge athlete described his thoughts of the Champs in a very sportive way here below! Chapeau young man, wish you a great 2019 and I bet we will hear more of you in the near future!!

Photo BP Media (VC Glendale’s cross of the Fallen Leaves)

David Montgomery on social media, National Champs: the big one, the most important race of the season, the chance to get a fancy kit for the next year and a rake of UCI points! Love cross racing and thought it would make a cool old comeback story to try and win National Champs after thinking I might not get any racing done at all this season. Got a plate in the wrist in mid-September, couldn’t ride till the end of October, trained hard, and ended up 2nd in the country after having a bit of bad luck during the race! Got off the line well but a certain fella who also wears those ankle length jeans and no socks pulled his foot out of the pedal and I had to scrub all my speed not to crash into the back of him, putting me down to about 20th before the bridge. Stuck in traffic through the onslaught of corners then and had a lot of work to do to get back on terms with David Conroy who’d led from the start and had 16s on me after 2 laps. Proud and disappointed in myself in equal measures after setting the fastest lap time on the third lap, getting up to David. It was neck and neck til I slid out around a corner. Went down pretty hard and had to untangle my bike from tape & straighten the bars. David seized the opportunity to get away and I just didn’t have the legs left to close the gap again. Super strong podium with last year’s champ @darnellmoore_ and David. You gotta believe you can win a race to try and win it, so it’s a little disappointing to come so close and not pull it off, but equally I know how hard it is to do what David is doing, and how important it is to have that title when racing abroad, so I’m stoked for him to win it. Thanks for all the support leading up to it and out on course! Gonna try and keep you’s updated a bit more this year so stay tuned for Belgium antics this weekend! GalibierTrademark Masons Ltd ULTRA Health and Fitness