Iljo Keisse apologise for his behavior to the Argentinian Press and the lady in question
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What happened?? Keisse was sent home by the organization of the Tour of San Juan after the third stage. The reason for this was a controversial photo (below) that caused the Belgian rider to end up in a media storm since Monday. The driver had assumed a suggestive attitude on a photograph with a waitress from a local coffee bar, with a hand in his neck and his crotch (close) against her. The woman could not laugh at it and reported this to the police. What happened next>> Tuesday Keisse offered his apologies at a press conference, but that did not help.

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Team manager Lefevere from Deceuninck-Quick Step reacts wildly to the decision of the Argentine competition organization and is considering withdrawing his team, including Belgian top talent Remco Evenepoel, from the race. “If it depends on me, the team collectively from the Tour of San Juan,” he tells Het Laatste Nieuws. “We are reviewing what the UCI regulations say, and then we will quickly decide whether we will start or not. Keisse had this to say about his actions ” I would like to explain the story from my point of view. We went after training in the big street. It was Friday at 1 pm, we ordered a coffee, we paid and gave the waitress a tip. When we left, she asked for a photo. We did that, as we do a thousand times each year. Then she asked another picture. She stooped, it was a strange position, and in a fraction of a second, I did a stupid move with my hand in the air. I want to make it clear that I did not touch her, not with my hand, not with my knees. There was no reaction from the girl, there were also many other people who saw it and none of them made it or reacted. Afterwards, we drove back to the hotel. ”

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My personal view on this >>>Keisse knew he had done something wrong and owned up to that fact. A wee banter of the lads who went very wrong and shouldn’t be defended by his DS Lefevere, Patrick should have taken Keisse out of the team after the photo became viral! Why?? If this happens in the workplace you could be dismissed, it gives a wrong message to young lads who idolise this pro’s, it lacks respect towards female fans. I bet their sponsors will have something to say about this too and rightly so! Sagan has done something similar once and was punished, and I think Keisse now realise his mistake, at least both riders apologise, but the old school thinking of Patrick is out of order.. sometimes he thinks he is invisible, yes he brings results to the team but as a very public figure, he should act differently<<< The project strides for equality and respect to others and hence my reaction..just not on