“The past few years were disproportionately fantastic”

European Gold twice
Picture above and feature photo courtesy of “PhotoNews” 

Helen Wyman was for many years a fixture in women’s field riding and saw the rise of her sport from the first row. Highlights in her career were her 2 European titles and her bronze medal at the World Championships in Hoogerheide. She won a total of 69 crosses, including 4 times on the Koppenberg (a record). Helen told Sporza in a farewell letter>>This season, for the first time in my career, I had moments that I did not find the fighting spirit to race against the absolute top,” she says goodbye. “In a sport where the competition is getting bigger and bigger, I can not get the best out of myself without a huge desire to perform.” If I were to race on, I would, in my opinion, be injustice myself, which is not how I want to be remembered. The past fifteen years have been disproportionately fantastic, I have never dared to dream about this great trip and I would not want to change anything. As a UCIcyclocrosser in Europe, you make the most of everything, from the most severe weather conditions and lows to the highest highlights.

“Every day again you make new memories to tell the grandchildren later, or in my case to my dog.If you are training in Belgium, with the hardest side wind and freezing snow in your face, you will ask your questions at Your life choice, but I promise you: the day you are on the World Cup stage, you will only remember the sun-drenched rides that made your heart shine. “

Photo from Helen’s Instagram page

“Passing on all my experience”
Now that my career is coming to an end, I know that I have seized every opportunity I could grab”, it sounds grateful. I have taken the talent that I have, and I have made the best of it, I know that I will take this attitude into my next positions. I have a wealth of experience and I am not going to drop you because I do not race anymore. I have an exciting role in my team (Experza-Footlogix) and the responsibility to pass on all my experience: from training internships and clinics to competition lines and tactics. The Helen 100 project has big goals for those who want to get involved in sport and for competition at the highest level. “We wish her lot of success in her new role and thank her as well for her advice and help with the Irish CX developments days she attended as guest of Andy Layhe (Irish CX national coach) and also donating a jersey to raise money for the Irish Cyclocross Team Development Fund.