Sven seen here in 2009 with Capino-Decock, Peter Hawkins and ex sponsor of the Belgian Project Paul Smith from Bangor Bikeworks. Sven got a 5th place in the Tour of the North stage 4 in Bangor.

Sven got in touch with me yesterday asking some help to find him a possible guest ride in the Tour of the North this Easter. He competed in the tour in 2009 with then called “Capino-Decock Team” and his best result was 5th in the Bangor Stage. Sven always wanted to return one day as he loves stage racing who provide challenging courses. Sven told us ” The past 3 years I have mainly focused on beach racing and mountain biking with road races in between to maintain speed and form.
In the beach races, I participated last winter in a top-20 ranking (between 500 and 1000 starters per game with a lot of pros at the start)
On the road, I can still stand my ground and especially uphill they will not drive me off soon. I am currently weighing 10 kg less than when I raced in the tour of the north the last time in 2009 and fully race fit.
I have a lot of experience in multi-day competitions through my 6 participations in 10-day competitions in Africa such as Tour du Faso, Tour du Senegal and Tour du Mali.

If any team is interested please get in touch with myself or with Sven Demeydts directly on Facebook or Sven can get his “Permission for racing abroad” letter from the Belgian federation if invited to a team, as an unattached rider a very straightforward process. Sven’s parents have been guest parents for the Belgian project in the past, hence our connection and I can recommend this athlete fully.

Beach racing his specialty during winters
Green jersey in the Tour of Senegal