Donegal’s answer to “who has early form this year”
Top 10 result courtesy of the Ulster women’s commission
1st Clodagh Gallagher AAA 
2nd Grace Smith Ballymena 
3rd Ellie Kelso East Tyrone
4th Lorraine Jeffers East Tyrone 
5th Joann Lowry Ballymena 
6th Caroline Wade Newry Wheelers 
7th Kathy Kerr Harps CC
8th Roisin McGivern Newry Wheelers 
9th Lynn Shiels Spires CC
10th Ellie McArdle Square Wheels
1st unplaced Junior Rachel McBride Omagh Wheelers
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Mc Cann still can! Home win for Chris Mc Cann (Phoenix CC)

A quick report of Phoenix CC: Congratulations to Jude Sands of Newry Wheelers on winning the George Rooney Phoenix GP! Well done to Phoenix Rider Karl Morgan on getting 2nd in a close sprint & Des Woods also of Newry Wheeler’s third. Thomas Creighton wins the A3 race in style! Thomas Skeet Northern CC 2nd and Aaron Watson from Dromara CC third. Congratulations to Phoenix GP A4 winner David Sloan of Ballymena Road Club, Michael Boyd UA 2nd, Darren Johnston Phoenix CC 3rd. Chris McCann wins the masters race at Phoenix GP, Johnny Webb NDCC 2nd, Paul Kirk NDCC 3rd. Congratulations to women’s race winner Clodagh Gallagher of AAA, Grace Smyth Ballymena Road Club 2nd, Ellie Kelso East Tyrone CC 3rd

Here some selected photos were taken from of our Flickr site, with the link included which will add more photos in the next few days courtesy of David Mc Veigh who attended yesterday to represent the Belgian Project..with thanks ..

This is what cycling is about…support and joy