Three riders were injured, but 19-year-old Stef Loos from Dessel was in the worst condition. He suffered a severe brain trauma from the blow on the hea. Loos was taken to the hospital in Tournai, where he had been in a coma ever since. Last night he died of his injuries

A lot of accusations have been circling around on social media and this will not bring back the young Espoir to his family, friends and teammates. What I can gather reading the newspapers of Belgium the race in the Walloon Part of Belgium (Dottenijs-Henegouwen) was torn in 3 sections with Stef in the 3rd section getting separated from the cavalcade, this chasing 3th group crossed the junction in full flow when a van crossing at the same time and disaster struck. The lads probably didn’t know they have been out of the race due to be behind as normally each rider know to keep aware of the rules of the road in such situation, allegedly a marshal directed them the wrong way where there was no protection and police is now investigating to find out what really happened (nevertheless a young life wasted in something that maybe could have been avoided)…In behalf of my project and his followers our deepest sympathies to his parents, family and friends…Rest in peace Stef

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