A few selected photo’s courtesies of John Hammer and our thanks https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.820786788296607
Asia Bula chasing in the woods to catch Klaudia, this 2 Polish girls are dominating the MTB scene in Ireland…Asia told us
My legs were second yesterday. My teammate Klaudia Bajolek (Scott-Eurocycles) had a fantastic sprint at the start and didn’t give hope to others to compete with her. I had a real battle with my bike, had to stop 5 times and lost lots of time. Great fight with super powerful women”
Super Pro Women podium:1. Klaudia Bajolek (1:54:54) 2. Joanna “Asia” Bula (2:02:53) 3. Leah Mc Carthy (2:06:34)
Irish CX Champ 2019 also very handy on a MTB bike…lead all the way to a impressive victory!
Podium Super Pro Men: 1.Adam McGarr (1:34:03) 2.Richie Fell (1:37:23) 3. Chris Mollaghan (1:38:16)
Beta on her way to victory in the Baggy Shorts Women’s blitz
Podium Baggy Shorts Women: 1.Beata Golczak (1:31:47) 2.Simona Bisiani (1:34:02)3. Andra Hamilton (1:34:18)
Juniors already mastering some spectacular skills
Junior Podium: 1.Aaron Finnerty (1:09:44) 2.David McCarthy (1:18:55) 3.Cillian O’Shea (1:20:09)
Baggy Shorts explained somehow

Baggy Shorts Men Results: 1. Robert Magee (1:13:44) 2.Ian O’Connell (1:14:59) 3.Gergely Garamvolgy (1:15:20)