Photos Copyright © Phil Crow and link to full results of the race including the foreword and story of the Bioracer-DHL-FR services team who was in action and joined by the CU team in Lincolnshire (no photos available of the CU Team)

The race is dreaded for the speed and nature of the parcours with the infamous Michaelgate cobbled climb that leads right up to the finish line. You would be mistaken to think Michaelgate was the hard part but with no immediate decent the riders are left strung out through the town out to Newport before swinging left then right to Burton Road, still in one long line they then take a wicked short descent onto single lane road out of Burton Village. You are effectively chewing your handlebar for 80 – 90% of the lap. The small feed zone remains incredibly hard as it is the last moment to try move up positioning before you have to repeat it all over again making the race real attrition with bodies going out the back and splits occurring every lap throughout the race. This year’s race was raced ferociously hard from start to finish making it a staggering 6minutes 30second faster than the 2018 edition, that’s almost half a lap faster!
Here the story of the Bioracer-DHL-FR services team
We had a small team of four take-ups to the start as some riders had exams and Sean Moor picked up a hamstring injury in Tour of Ulster. Dillon Corkery was back after a strong appearance in France bagging a top 20 in a UCI 1.2 with the national team. We also had John Buller and Conor McCann coming from the Tour of Ulster, John having bagged a solid 2nd on the final day. Our final rider in the line up was David Bolland who rode in our colours at the Rutland CiCLE Classic. After 2km of racing, there was a huge pile up causing splits from the start. Fortunately, all of our riders were at the front and missed the carnage. Each lap the pace remained extremely high with the main bunch incredibly active causing the race situation to change every lap until finally on lap four two lead groups merged making a 15 man lead group with our own David Bolland making the cut. This was the only break to properly form pulling out a gap of almost a minute. Madison Genesis one of the UK’s biggest pro teams somehow had no rider represented and were forced to put their entire team on the front to try to bring the race back together. As luck would have it and let’s face it we aren’t getting much luck at the moment David got a front wheel puncture in the lead group and with a slow wheel change ended up back in the main field. At this point, Madison was getting control of the race again and the leaders got caught a lap later. This was basically the tone of the race with small lead groups forming and being caught right up until the final time up Michaelgate. Dillon rode a fantastic race keeping position in the top 20/30 all day only to miss the front split of 30 riders by a few places on the last lap. His group came in sprinting for a 30th place where he ended up 50th and David 68th after a good day up the road. 
Unfortunately, John and Conor had a sickness that has gone through the team for the past few weeks and pulled out on lap 8. We would really like to thank Steve Poole, Dave Earth, and Kieran Hotsonfor helping with our much-needed feeds and service throughout the laps. It’s fantastic to have so much support across the water for our team and it makes all the difference. The team is on a little bit of downtime now but will be back racing at the national road series Red Hand Trophy on the first of June.