All photographs courtesy of David Mc Veigh (Belgian Project Media Team) Full results now included courtesy of Phoenix CC with thanks
Yep..we live in a farming society and this can happen…and safely executed due to the fair play of the tractor driver

The day started confused to me, everything organised, all my gear ready to go in the car..a short journey ahead for me from Newtownards to Hannahstown (overlooking Belfast City) who became a longer journey then expected as stopping at the traffic lights in Dundonald made me look at the back seat and to my horror realized I forgot my camera and video camera…a man without his tools is like a racer without his helmet. A turn around to home was needed and my Car Navigation Girl starts telling me to turn around.., every fecking second…I just pushed the off button, and in my mind thinking if it wouldn’t be that easy to quieting my loving wife…as I think more then a button would be needed (Love you Maggie A quick return to Ards was needed and made it on time with some 20 minutes to spare…the riders had a roll out to the start near Nutts Corner, this at the place David Mc Call was killed at a club race of promoting club Phoenix CC.. A memorial plaque and ghost bike indicated this spot, we went to say hello to an old friend and paid our respects. The David Mc Call Foundation was erected after his death, this for 10 years, done some fantastic work towards the youth development and proud to have been a yearly recipient with financial support.

Katharine Smyth one of the 2 girls who entered the A3 race, Laura Campbell (Ballymena RC) and teammate the other rose between men

The Draynes Bobby Crilly had 2 races on the card, the A1-A2 race-first of and next the A3 & Juniors on a new circuit due to roadworks on the usual one…a little bit shorter in distance but still 90 km with a top hill finish at the Divis Mountain ( 600 metres above sea level I have been told) The A3 race had some breaks but came to nothing and things had to be sorted on the approx 3km climb. Gareth Kirkwood ( Team Madigan) was the victor..results here later

Juniors controlling the front in the A3 race..what’s new
The A3 winner Gareth Kirkwood
1. Gareth Kirkwood – Madigan 
2. Darren Rafferty – Chieftan 
3. Stephen Harkens – Madigan 
4. Glenn Phair – Portadown CC
5. Conor Farrell – Lakeside Wheelers 
6. Adam Gilsenan – Bohermeen CC
7. William Callaghan – NDCC
8. Oisin Doherty – Donegal Bay 
9. Dylan Traynor – NRPT 
10. Chris Donald – Madigan
The 2 under 16 riders who had special permission to race with the A3’s….both in the top 6…this is very promising to the future

Next to finish the main race with a very respectable entry and names we very familiar with…and first appearing out of the mist at the top was the reminder of the deciding break of 14, Mark Dowling (U/A Leinster) won the unusual sprint for the line beating the man of the moment and many moments before Darnell Moore (Caldwell Cycles) into second and James Curry (Dan Morrissey-MIG-Pactimo) in a respectable 3th. Next was Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse sport) in 4th, and Donal Shearer (in my eyes the revelation of the year, just the winning touch missing) after attacking with 1km to go and ended up a good 5th and honoured the promoting club Phoenix CC with a good result, the same did Jody Wright with his 6th place…Full results will be added as we received here

The Flickr page will be updated in the next few days…here already a start (just click on photo)
Alan Shearer, coached by ex-Olympian rider Cormac Mc I have to say more … his pupils have been dominant in the project selection in the past, due to the ability for Cormack to get the best out of riders
A helping hand from the eventually winner Mark Dowling to ex Ras stage winner Roger A[ken
The winner Mark Dowling (U/A Leinster)
1. Mark Dowling – U/A
2. Darnell Moore – Caldwell Cycles 
3. James Curry – Dan Morrissey 
4. Lindsay Watson – Powerhouse 
5. Donal Shearer – Phoenix 
6. Jody Wright – Phoenix 
7. Karl Morgan – Phoenix 
8. Alan Bingham – Newry Wheelers 
9. Marcus Christie – PSBR
10. Gareth O’ Neill – Newry Wheelers

And to finish this report some great shots of the Media team top photographer David Mc Veigh…photos will be added in the next few days and free to download on Just mention us and bob is your uncle…A great job is done Phoenix CC and proud you are a loyal supporter of what we do…tomorrow early start as the Canal Criterium in Strabane is calling, now gonna watch the Norn Ireland game and falling asleep could be on the cards no disrespect to the team, just tired..night all

A perfect example of staying within the white line...
Lindsay Watson wins a lot of racing and never be gifted to him, always work in the break to stay away…

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