All photos courtesy of Pol Demeyere Pomer (Bel) or otherwise stated
Another go up front

Marc has been a protected rider for the project for the 3th year in a row and had his ups and down due to some health problems, but it seems that’s now behind him…Marc clocked already some good results in the pro kermesses and interclubs (top competition in Belgium) and yesterday got a 20th in Gullegem 38 seconds of the winner Jens Vandenbogaerde (Decock-Van Eyck-Devos-Capoen) . Marc has been very lively during the race and had some company with another 3 Irish men in the race. Conor Hennebry ( Dan Morrissey-MIG-Pactimo) managed an 11th place, Conor Lambert from French team Mysenlan-Babaco-Douterloigne-CT (unknown to me but will rectify this ) was 26th, and Marc’s teammate Conor Doherty (Asfra-Flanders) 37th. This bodes well for his return to Ireland end of the month to do the Nationals. When fully fit he will have a roll to play in the Under 23 race and we looking forward to see him back racing home end month. Well done all

Don.t know what happened there, but it seems he needed another bike
Photo martine verfaillie (Belgian Project guest mum)
Conor Hennebry at work
Marc up the road
A Belgian project connection with the Decock team who competed in the TOTN 3 times about 10 years ago and the ex team of Peter Hawkins..well done Jens