A report courtesy of CU, photos Belgian Project Media Team
Left multiple Irish and Ulster Champ Darnell Moore (Caldwell Cycles) with car sponsor Paul McMulkin representing the Donnelly Group and right Lindsay Watson, leading A1 rider in Ireland (Powerhouse Sport) with Kevin Hegarty from O’ Reilly-Stewart who sponsor the kit for 2 years now.
A message from Cycling Ulster

Cycling Ulster held the official presentation of their new provincial squad kit and support car at the Corick Country House Hotel in Clogher, Co. Tyrone yesterday (Thursday). O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors have renewed their sponsorship of the Cycling Ulster kit for 2019-20 after having also been sponsors for the previous two years. Pactimo clothing company have also partnered with the organisation to offer the top-quality clothing at a reduced rate as well as providing a webshop for the public to buy replica kit. Donnelly Group has added to the resources of Cycling Ulster for this season by supplying a car which has been utilised by Ulster teams in the competition already this season and will also be used to support promoters of major events in the province. 

The sponsors with some of each discipline of the sport promoted by CU

Speaking following the presentation, Cycling Ulster Chairman, Tommy McCague said:​  “Cycling Ulster are working hard to support and develop cycling in the province in many areas. ​ “We are grateful to our sponsors such as O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors and Donnelly Group who have backed us with our new provincial kit and new support vehicle. ​ “This type of support is vital to help develop our riders competing at national and international events and has already benefitted riders representing Ulster in the road and off-road events. ​ “The presentation provided us with an opportunity to outline the tremendous effort that is being made by volunteers across the province to develop all aspects of the sport, from developing rider skills at the Tommy Givan track in Belfast or through BMX Fundamentals programmes to increase female participation with the Women on Wheels programme. “The Safer Cycling Project with the PSNI and the local Policing and Community Safety Partnerships is a highlight that has already proved successful in gaining resources for clubs and raising awareness for all cyclists on our roads.  “This is an exciting time for Cycling Ulster and we look forward to continuing to work to develop and grow all aspects of the sport in the time ahead.” ​

Chairman Tommy McCague during his speech
Commenting on the renewal of O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors sponsorship, Kevin Hegarty said: “We are delighted to continue our sponsorship of the Cycling Ulster kit which will be seen nationally and internationally by riders representing the province in high-level competition. O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors remain committed to providing legal services to the cycling community and to guide cyclists through the legal process in the unfortunate event of an accident.” Paul McMulkin of Donnelly Group added: “As a Group, we are delighted to be involved with Cycling Ulster and the supply of a support vehicle for the incoming season. As Northern Ireland’s largest family-owned vehicle dealership, Donnelly Group and Cycling Ulster have a natural synergy as we too offer a range of essential services to users at a province-wide level across our nine locations. We trust the provision of the support vehicle plays a key role in raising the profile of Cycling Ulster and helps support riders of all disciplines both at national and international events reach their full potential.”
More photo’s of the presentation (BP Media)
A very homely Country Hotel with beautiful antique furniture and splendid food surrounded by well-kept grounds
And to finish my favorite part of any event…the food ..lol

This photo link below is the work of Sharon Mc Farland, farmers wife, mother, cyclist and runner, and one of the top cycling photographers in the Ulster region in her little spare time! Many times guest photographer of the Belgian Project…when you see this photo’s you know why…chapeau