Inset in feature photograph (Martine) courtesy of Johan Depoortere, photos UCI-World Cup CX Zonhoven & Class 1 UCI CX Ruddervoorde from Martine

Tim and Sean having a mini Irish battle (all photos of Zonhoven on )
Sean looks up and seems not too much
Tim coloured-coded with the advertising background
Sean’s dad John (Navan RC) as support and pit crew
Tim passing a very crowdy part of the course
Up hill for Sean in Ruddervoorde (near Bruges) Photos of Ruddervoorde on
Dreaming of Belgian Frites and mayo
Thanks so much, Martine, your photos give a lot of pleasure to Irish cycling fans…seeing our Irish warriors abroad racing on a high level warms their hearts…merci Martine…het doet deugd om onze jongens te zien xx