What is The Belgian Project about? Its about giving young Irish cycling talent a chance of racing in Europe (Belgium) to gain valuable experience. This includes staying with guest families or supervised accommodation – many friendships has been formed over the years. We select our graduates (between 4-6 each year ) during the first 6 months of the season. We also give small bursaries (6 in 2017) to young riders who races abroad and promote Irish cycling.

We put these graduates in the ultimate shop window of cycling (Flanders). We have achieved pro status for some or full-time riders, many get invited back, and have or race for local top amateur teams since the start in 2008. We also have a media team who report on races trough photographs ,videos and interviews ..this to highlight our independent sponsors and promote Irish cycling to the full. We participate in approx 60 events including off road, road, enduro and track.

We are independent ..we can not be influenced by money donations (but gratefully except ) we work with volunteers whom give up their free time to help out at stage races etc.. We get advice from big names in the sport and coaches ..this to develop this lads to the full!

We are an all welcome project ..no matter who you are ,what you belief in ..your legs will to the talking .We get supported by many local clubs in N-Ireland and local sponsors ,but always look for added support of new sponsors ..All our volunteers and principals are vetted (Child protection ) We select on basis of results, team work and character.

We are Bike Pure ambassadors, and all our selections need to sign the Code of Honour.  “Live the Dream” is our motto.

Volunteer of the Year 2012 Cycling Ulster
Volunteer of the Year 2015 Cycling Ireland