A simple process: You are a first or second year Junior in 2024, or a Espoir (U23- 18years old till 22 years old) You hold a Full Competition Irish licence and UCI code, you racing domestically or abroad as amateur, send me your CV which includes last years results, your next of kin details, your licence details (copy incl) your club or team, your coach details and your goals including your hobbies and studies, if you are a junior permission of your parents or guardians to enter… sent to dany@belgianproject.cc , it cost nothing to enter (details also below)

Once you are entered I ask you to regularly (monthly) send me your results, but more importantly, always let me know if something happened to you due to sickness, or crashes which would be setting you back, this is to take in consideration when selecting!!! I will judge you on your results, but also on your character, teamwork when racing in a team, your dedication to the sport, and behaviour on social media, I will discuss all entries with some experienced older riders you race with, watch most of you racing, and ask advice if needed from others, this is to have an educational choice in the end. Some of you I will consider racing in Belgium, others for a travel bursary…the amount and how many will depend on funds in June…we are an equality project so ladies are off-course welcome.