A happy bunch
Photo Sharon Mc Farland
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The Victus Tour of Ulster 2019 came to a close yesterday and a long weekend to remember for sure, as it was a very well organised stage race that would deserve UCI status, put together by Garry Nugent the event organiser with his entire family to help out in different roles at the race. The expertise of Aaron Wallace as race director, the Banbridge CC volunteers with the help of neighbouring clubs, a very efficient judge and timekeeper team, top commissaires been chosen to police the race, road crews and motorbike marshals, the PSNI as outriders, the people of Banbridge and surroundings for understanding the small delays on the road during the weekend and the sponsors for backing such popular event in the cycling calendar. I am very proud to have been asked to do the “Master of Ceremony” role in the event and thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend of top-class racing. When I asked the Dutch team “Westland Wil Vooruit” how this compares to Dutch races, the answer described the way our races are…Relaxed atmosphere, like a big family it felt…but they never experienced such climbs but could finish it which they are very happy with!!

Teamwork yesterday with Sharon Mc Farland and Caroline Kerley as guest photographers “Up the road” as I had MC duties on the podium. So grateful to both girls who are so popular with the riders and their supporters, their photos are just ace too. (Feature photo courtesy of Sharon Mc Farland and other photos credited to the girls)
The mascotte of Banbridge CC Barney and friends
Photo Caroline Kerley
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Super performances from the local riders
Photo Caroline Kerley
The race director of the “Tour of the Mournes” (Next Sunday 12th May) Drew Mc Kinley guest riding for Omagh Wheelers showed his teeth, you just can feel the pain in this photo
(Photo Caroline Kerley)

Top performance of Phoenix CC’s Donal Shearer who mixes well in high-level races…a win very soon expected again
Photo Sharon Mc Farland
The 3 men who got up the road for a long time. Local hero Roger Aiken leading the break with Tyrone cycling star Darnell Moore of the Caldwell’s on his rim and hidden in this photo Sean Moore from the Bioracer-DHL-FR services.
Photo Sharon Mc farland
The almighty podium ( Picture of Sharon Mc Farland)
Stage 3 Top 10
1 Dowling, Mark Cycling Leinster 2h45m50s
2 Buller, John Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services 2h45m50s
3 Prendergast, Charlie STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team2h45m50s
4 Murnane, Conor UCD Cycling Club 2h45m50s
5 Watson, Lindsay Powerhouse Sport 2h45m50s
6 Maes, Richard STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team2h45m50s
7 Curry, James Dan Morrissey-MIG.ie-Pactimo 2h45m50s
8 Doyle, Anthony STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team2h45m50s
9 Hennebry, Conor Dan Morrissey-MIG.ie-Pactimo 2h45m50s
10 Wright, Jody Phoenix CC 2h45m50s
Final GC Top 20
1 Hennebry, Conor Dan Morrissey-MIG.ie-Pactimo 10h15m032
2 Jobber, James Team Upshift Velo 10h15m34s @31s
3 Murphy, JB Cycling Leinster 10h15m36s @33s
4 Watson, Lindsay Powerhouse Sport 10h15m44s @41s
5 Shearer, Donal Phoenix CC 10h15m56s @53s
6 Ryan, Fintan Cycling Leinster 10h16m09s @1m 06s
7 Clarke, Matthew Foran 10h16m12s @1 m09s
8 David Banbridge Composite 10h16m13s @1 m10s
9 Dowling, Mark Cycling Leinster 10h16m20s @1m17s
10 Moore, Darnell Team Caldwell Cycles 10h16m23s @1m20s
11 Curry, James Dan Morrissey-MIG.ie-Pactimo 10h16m30s @1m27s
12 Wright, Jody Phoenix CC 10h16m39s @1m36s
13 Watson, David The Bike House CC 10h16m42s @1m39s
14 Buller, John Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services 10h16m43s @1 m40s
15 McCann, Conor Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services 10h16m49s @1m46s
16 Curley, Liam STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team10h16m49s @s/t
17 O’ Neill, Gareth Newry Wheelers CC 10h23m03s @8 m00s
18 McLaughlin, Ronan Dan Morrissey-MIG.ie-Pactimo 10h28m20s @13m17s
19 Prendergast, Charlie STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team10h28m27s @13m24s
20 Maes, Richard STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team10h28m40s @13m37s
Points GC
1 Hennebry, Conor 33 2 Watson, Lindsay 33 3 Jobber, James 26 4 Dowling, Mark 25 5 Prendergast, Charlie 24
King of the Hill GC
1 Watson, Lindsay 100 2 Moore, Darnell 98 3 Shearer, Donal 71 4 Trulock, Dermot 50 5 Dowling, Mark 45
Best Young Rider GC
1 Murphy, JB 2 Shearer, Donal @20s 3 Curry, James @54s 4 Buller, John @1 m07s 5 McCann, Conor @1 m13s
1 May, Cian 10h28m49s
2 Woods, Des @7m29s
3 Featherstone, Sean @12m37s
4 Douglas, Brandon @19m15s
5 Watson, Aaron @21m16s
Team GC
1 Dan Morrissey-MIG.ie-Pactimo 30h47m40s
2 Cycling Leinster @45s
3 Phoenix CC @13m05s
4 STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team @25m55s
5 Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services @28m05s
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A big thank you to Neil O’Brien from Victus Energy for the continued support to the Tour of Ulster as the main sponsor
Neil will also continue to support the BP as “sponsor in kind” in 2019 with some social clothing to our volunteers
Photo Sharon Mc Farland .
This lads giving back a lot to our beloved sport
Photo Dany
Anthony “Zippy” Doyle bids farewell to stage racing yesterday and but will continue at the local level…Zippy had a great career on the road and off-road and we will miss him at this level…Enjoy your sport to the full now my friend in other ways
Thank you Garry and army of volunteers…chapeau