Looking great in his team colours for the summer
A great thank you to “VZW De Molenspurters Meulenbeke” for adding Donal to the team
as a guest rider

Any competitive cyclist from Ireland or any other part of the world for that matter knows that Belgian Kermesse racing is at a very high level. The speeds are awesome and the circuits are technical in most cases. As a young U23 you need to get used to that sort of racing, and once climatised you can compete and get results. Donal Shearer arrived in Belgium on Thursday, done a crit in Poperinge on Friday (a crash made him not finish but not hurt except some spokes damaged) Yesterday entered a Kermesse in Schuiferskapelle (West Flanders) and finished the race around the 40th place and we soon see him bettering that when the confidence comes. His adopted mum for the season Martine Verfaillie will make sure we get updated with pictures, and with James Curry arriving next week, the other Espoir graduate and ex-graduate Cian May visiting for a few weeks she will have a busy time this summer again…our sincere gratitude is in order to all our guest parents who each year welcoming our riders and giving up all their free time to look after them…

A thing to do in Belgium when you become 100 years old…watching a Kermesse…I sign up for this now
Good luck Donal